Baby Bazooka

BabyBazookaThat’s my borrowed D7000, with own 50-150/2.8 HSM

MarlaJuin14-02And that’s what they do together

PivoineD90And that’s the same lens on the D90

TestD7K-01100% crop, totally unprocessed, at F:3.2

TestD7K-02D7000 with old Nikon AF 50/1.8

TestBB-01Sigma out of focus area are smoooooth

MarlaJuin14-04Going for a walk with my baby and her bike

CanalJuin14-01Along the canal, by a pretty spring evening

GoogleJuin14-04Google stayed home with her meatbone


MarlaJuin14-07The Baby Bazooka is very versatile, and very good for portraits

MarlaJuin14-12The D7000 has nice color rendition


MarlaJuin14-09Crossing puddles is crazy fun, but better not stop in the middle…

MarlaJuin14-08Playing silly

MarlaJuin14-10You comin’ Mama ?

MarlaJuin14-13Fooling with her dad

RaphaelJuin14-02My friend Charlotte’s 6 month old

MarlaJuin14-15Skintones are a little fiddly, need to work on that


MarlaJuin14-14Dof is paper thin at 2.8


GoogleJuin14-05She’s pretty serious about that bone !

MarlaJuin14-16So how do I like things ? The Baby Bazooka is fantastic. It’s my third unit I think (or is it 4th ?). I had it for Nikon (twice I think), Canon and Sony mounts. I’ve had version I and II, and saw no difference between them, whatsoever. This current one is VII. It’s smallish enough to be used as a walkaround, and very versatile once you step out a door. The lens hood does add a lot of length, but the weight of the lens is well controlled. The HSM works great, fast, smooth and silent AF. Optically it’s cracking good, sharp wide open, bleedingly so from F3.5 or 4. I just love it

The D7000 ? The high ISO output is significantly better than that of the D90. Namely the color fidelity stays excellent at higher values, when the D90’s go to hell soon after 800. The rubberized grip, already comfortable on the D90, just feels amazing on the D7000. Very, very plushy and grippy. The proverbial “joy to hold”. AF system ? It’s been told to be fiddly on some A7000 units. Indeed, with very limited use I can kind of envision how it can be capricious. The rest of the camera is very similar to the D90. Swapping one for the other is almost seamless. Let’s put it straight, other than for having specific action photography needs, I do NOT enjoy shooting a DSLR anymore. Relying on a camera’s fiddly meter for exposure is pain in the side. The bulk is bearable, but the lack of EVF and full time exposure preview is killing me. Not to mention the fixed screen that prohibits groundlevel shots, short of dragging on one’s belly… So will I get a D7100 for my horse photos need ? I’m very undecided about that yet…


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