Handful more horse jumping D7000 shots

OzoirCSO14-78I have yet a few shots I like that had been unprocessed last night

OzoirCSO14-81So here they are






OzoirCSO14-86Gosh, I’d kill to have a similar buckskin !

OzoirCSO14-85Note that’s the girl who was standing close to her poney in two of the previous post’ shots


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6 Responses to Handful more horse jumping D7000 shots

  1. MJWC1 says:

    Great shots on these posts, Claire. You handle that D7000 very nicely. I have a D5000 but have been yearning for a D7x00 since starting to shoot the girls’ soccer matches this year. Both the D5000 and the V1 have good AF (and I have been having fun using the NEX as well), but they can’t compete with the D7x00s. One day…

    Anyway, goes to show there is no perfect camera and there is ultimately no point in arguing why camera A is better than camera B – it is horses for courses (if you will forgive the dreadful pun).

    I have been wondering – under one of the jumps is a sign saying ‘mort du cheval et du poney’. I understand that means something like ‘dead horse and pony’, but what is the context?

    • marla2008 says:

      Our VAT on equine activites used to be some 7%, jumped to 10%, and lately European regulations forced us to upscale to the generalist 20%. This considerably brings up prices on lessons, boarding, schooling, etc. The French Equestrian Federation estimated 6000 people layoff, the death of several hundreds stables and boarding operations, and the slaughtering of over 8000 equines. The very stables I board my pony with lost 50% of its income over the past 4 months? Sad times, indeed.

  2. MJWC1 says:

    That is dreadful, Claire. Our GST (Goods and Services Tax – essentially the same as a VAT) is 10% flat rate on (pretty much) everything. Some things are exempt, but everything else is 10%. It has not changed since first introduced in 2000.

    That sounds like a really horrible situation there. I guess I can only hope that the 8,000 dead equines is an overestimation and it was actually less.

    • marla2008 says:

      Even if it sends “only” 80 horses to the slaughterhouse, it’s already awful. I see so many people around me, who were already making financial sacrifices to maintain a horse, who can now no longer make ends meet. They are offering “half” and “quarter” boards on their horses, meaning allowing another (or several) other riders access to their horse for a specified fraction of the boarding cost. Some will secure financial help and be able to keep the equine… Some will not.

      • MJWC1 says:

        I agree – it sounds like a really awful and horrible situation. It is very sad knowing that the people who decided to increase the VAT would have known this was one of the consequences. There is just so much disregard for life in this world.

  3. marla2008 says:

    Matthew, one of the very joyful consequences of belonging to the European Union. The increased VAT is a European imposed regulation to be in compliance with the E.U. standards. France had various exceptions (cultural, agricultural, etc), but the E.U. recently put heavy pressure on us to move up to 20%. And then we had an uproar two weeks ago when the most anti-European party gave traditionnal ones a whipping… The hypocrisy nevers ceases to amaze me.

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