Why “signatures” amuse me

I just read an hilarious post in a photocentric forum thread. A guy gave his opinion on a high end camera, and another one casted doubt on the validity of his contribution because the former guy’s signature stated (among other, non specified “stuff”) a Canon G5 (basically because the first man owned a well less regarded and older model, his opinion was worthless).
This really had me cracking up. As dothe arm long lists of gear it is common to find under members’ ID, with all their photographic possessions. It really reminds me of children displaying all their favorite toys in a line, to brag to other kids. Not mean or ill intended, but childish, really.
Do I have a signature ? I’ve had several over the years. Sometimes citations from people I like, sometimes just “sayings”. One was from Rudolph Nureiev, whom I’ve been lucky enough to meet several times as a child and teen (my parents were personal friends at a time) and it went “It’s not so much that I like difficulty. It’s mostly it that likes me”. Knowing how temperamental he could be, that was pretty smart. Another I liked was “Why make the same mistakes over again, when there are so many new ones to chose from ?”. I also like the Cormac Mc Carthy quote that says “If everybody went crazy at the same time, nobody would really notice, would they ?”.
And my current one, of the very alive and very lively, talented headshot photographer, Peter Hurley, says “[…] if you don’t have an expression, then you don’t have a shot”. Oh boy, how true that is…


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3 Responses to Why “signatures” amuse me

  1. Not wanting to launch you in some extensive statistical analysis, but I sometimes wonder if the vast majority of photographer’s with a gear list in their signatures aren’t male…….

  2. James (Aus.) says:

    I’ve noticed it with wrist watches, too. For a ten year old, fine, but supposedly grown adults?

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