First D7100 shots. Don’t have an opinion yet

TestD7100-05Yup, the D7100 I was waiting for arrived today. I made a few test shots with it, and so far, I’m pretty perplexed

GoogleJuin14-12Not that it cannot do well, but the metering is truly finicky, which irritates me to no end

TestD7100-06I was expecting wider DR than on the D7000, it seems to actually have less





TestD7100-07Sure, 100% untouched crops can be extremely impressive

MarlaJuin14-29But I’m not sure about it being an upgrade over the D7000 I had last week



MarlaJuin14-30I’ll hopefully be shooting some horse riding tomorrow. That should tell me more. But my immediate hunch is telling me the camera might not stay…


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5 Responses to First D7100 shots. Don’t have an opinion yet

  1. For me these shots look technically great, but lack the artistry that you are able to apply with your NEX7 and assorted lens. I’ll take your artistry over technical perfection any day đŸ˜‰

  2. jls says:

    I love that shot of Google with her friend the dude. Such a contented look on her face.

  3. I think those shots look very clean, but you can tell they are not from NEX because the colors look a bit different from your typical Nex shots. I would not say better or worst, simply different. Hope you will find fast moving targets today!!!!

    Can’t wait to see the results of your fast paced session today!

  4. Dave Uhlig says:

    I have been using the A6000 now for a month or so, shot a wedding Saturday with them. I think with the Sony lens, even though it is slow, you could do amazing things in daylight arenas with the combination. And you would be still getting the Sony sensor and ergonomics. I really love working with the 6000, probably the best camera I have ever used! Better than my $5000 Canons.

    • marla2008 says:

      Excellent news, Dave ! Only a handful of old grumpy NEX7 users like me still don’t find the perfect match in the D6000, legions of people have reached camera nirvana with it. It is a great camera.

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