The NIkkor 70-300 VR goes for a spin

Has14Juin14-04PMI have a long time friend, Pablo. The nicest guy imaginable. He’s always been a Fuji fan, and as such had collected a bunch of Nikon mount lenses to use on his S3 and S5 Pro bodies. But Pablo went all mirrorless with the X Pro 1 two years ago, and the Nikkor lenses have started gathering dust. Pablo being totally lousy at selling anything (he’s mighty good at buying it, though…), we have agreed that he’d send me two of the lenses he wants to part with. I am to play with them, and unless I want to buy them myself, list and sell them for him

Has14Juin14-01PMSo this morning the mail lady rang my bell with a box containing two beautiful pieces of Nikon engineering : the older 35-70 F:2.8, which used the pro transtandard zoom before the first 28-70 came out, and the current 70-300VR. I’ve owned both before, one unit for the tele, two for the shorter zoom. I know both to be great performers

Has14Juin14-02PMThe 70-300VR is roughly the size of my Sigma 50-150/2.8. It’s more plasticky in build, and is rather ugly, as all the G lenses of its generation, but optically speaking this thing is a beauty

Has14Juin14-03PMIt’s contrasty, colorful, and mighty sharp


Has14Juin14-06All shots from the old D90, since the D7100 is back in its box, object of a Paypal dispute

Has14Juin14-07The black collar you see around the horse’s neck is a “Free jump” accessory. It keeps the rider’s hands from rising up and pulling on the horse’s mouth excessively

Has14Juin14-08Viva and Camille, they compete tomorrow


Has14Juin14-10The 70-300VR isn’t the fastest focusing lens around, but it gets the job done

Has14Juin14-11Doudou and Emilie are also competing tomorrow

Has14Juin14-12I love the output of the lens

Has14Juin14-13Nolwenn and Vidji


Has14Juin14-15Marla documenting it all


Has14Juin14-17She insisted on using “her” camera 😉


Has14Juin14-19Performing drills


Has14Juin14-21Showing Camille her captures

Has14Juin14-22Gwen demonstrating proper performance







Has14Juin14-29Marla enjoying the flowers

Has14Juin14-30Viva blowing a fuse

Has14Juin14-31Camille handling it nicely

I’ll review the 35-70 for you guys in another post. You guessed it : stay tuned !



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4 Responses to The NIkkor 70-300 VR goes for a spin

  1. O.M.G that lens beasts the SIG 50-150, pack it up and sell it on, you don’t need it anymore 😉

  2. drpankajshukla says:

    It is never too early to start imaging …….[for Marla]..soon she will want a blog /site of her own …:)

    Thom Hogan in his d7100 review says that the matrix metering of the 7100 places too much emphasis on the AF point that is being used ….do u think that could have explained the inconsistant metering that u experienced barn …while the 7000 had bright lit noon for u to meter in ..[nikon software could show u the AF point used fo each exposure ]……?…just a thought …I could be totally wrong …u know…..!

    • marla2008 says:

      No, actually it’s a very probably cause ! Whatever it was, the camera’s going, so no biggie. I’ll be trying to buy the very same D7000 I had on loan for a week !

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