A day at the races

Sorry, I just couldn’t resist. Not only is this the title of a cult Queen song, but it also describes our day so accurately that I didn’t see the need to look any futher for tonight’s post’s title…

DIane2014-11 Chantilly racetrack, France

Today the ever prestigious Chantilly racetrack held the no less prestigious, and very chic “Prix de Diane”. It’s one of the year’s major races, with 1000000€ of reward to share between the first five horses

DIane2014-08But the Prix de Diane is only half about horses (if that much). It’s also a lot about sponsors, dress code and money making. Oh, and hats

Diane2014-01My wonderful husband had designed this day as an early surprise celebration of my birthday. Our tickets gave access to a lot of cool stuff, including horse paddocks, bleachers, and… the carrousel (she went around about three times)

DIane2014-10Oh, and we also could visit the “Living horse museum”. Living, well, that remains to be discussed. Because it hosts about ten horses, half of which were out of their stalls and nowhere to be seen, doesn’t justify the name in my opinion. Aside from a few good looking equines, it’s a very regular, and hence very boring museum (I’m not a fan of these, never was, probably never will be)

DIane2014-09Handsome “Boulonnais” draft horse

DIane2014-03And for a brutal change… this is a Thoroughbred, the main racing breed in the Western world

Diane2014-07Thoroughbreds are amazingly beautiful creatures. They’re like sportscars

Diane2014-02That’s the side of the main building, which hosts the restaurant and bars, with panoramic windows, and bleachers in the front

DIane2014-13The track itself was used to segragate spectators between paying categories. The cheaper tickers stayed on one side. We got to cross to the other one, where are the stables, paddocks, main building, etc

Diane2014-04One of my favorite stuff was watching the horses being strutted in front of betters prior to the race

Diane2014-05They’re on display in three different places, but I had left the DSLR in the car, thinking I’d pick it up later, but didn’t get the opportunity to

DIane2014-12Then after a few environmental shots, the NEX battery died on me, and my spare was… in the DSLR bag 😉

Diane2014-06So globally I didn’t get to make any truly interesting picture, and none of the race itself, unfortunately

MarlaJuin14-35I was able to shoot this portrait of Marla waiting for the race to begin, and then the camera turned off. Overall I absolutely loved the day, and I can’t wait to go back for more !


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3 Responses to A day at the races

  1. drpankajshukla says:

    The colors of the captures from the nex appear more vibrant [and pleasing ] than those from the D90 :)….did u preferentially enhance them ?

  2. drpankajshukla says:

    sorry….I was comparing them to those in the previous blog entry … the lighting ..appears to b different ..probably [on that particular day they ar ejust as good …!]

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