Guest post : all photographs by Marla (5.5 yr old)

Yesterday we packed two cameras to the stables. I got to shoot the DSLR, and Marla asked to use the mirrorless. I was more than happy to oblige, since I’ve always encouraged her to take pictures, and I’d rather she uses a real camera, rather than a cellphone…

Has14Juin14-33I changed the shooting Mode from M to A, set Iso to Auto, and handed her the NEX 7, with SEL35 mounted and set to F:1.8. The results are pretty interesting. Yes, I admit to having straightened more than one tilted shot, and ever slightly cropped a couple of others. Aside from that, they’re all hers. Enjoy

Has14Juin14-34As a side note, I think the NEX7 did an amazing job of metering and preserving tonal balance on those !!

Has14Juin14-35And I’m happier than ever that I refused, again this morning, to sell this camera (I really do have to pull that listing, though…)

Has14Juin14-36Remember, 5.5 yr old operator here, with zero supervision whatsoever

Has14Juin14-37You’ll see why in a minute


Has14Juin14-39She shot was what going on in the arena

Has14Juin14-40And outside of it

Has14Juin14-41The nearby landscape (perfect detail being maintained in the overcast sky)

Has14Juin14-42And that’s why she didn’t get any help from me.. I was busy shooting the Nikon

Has14Juin14-43I was slightly impressed with this shot


Has14Juin14-45And that one. Her use of shallow DOF is interesting


Has14Juin14-47Yeah, a couple of feet got cut off

Has14Juin14-48But that’s as good (or better, in some case) that many adults would take

Has14Juin14-49And I really like this one !

Has14Juin14-32I insisted she tried the DSLR, but failed to show proper technique and she just couldn’t hold it. I might give her the NEX7 again, this time with the 16-70 mounted, just out of curiosity. What do you think ?


About marla2008

Shutterbug. Shallow DOF nut. Mother of Child. Student of the Horse.
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3 Responses to Guest post : all photographs by Marla (5.5 yr old)

  1. Flash says:

    Well done Marla, great shots !
    A DSLR with a tele lens will most probably too heavy for a kid, however the Nex 7 with any E mount lens should be perfect. Encourage her to go on.
    The 16-70 should be nice, but you’ll have to teach her how to use a zoom in the right way. Anyway having fun taking pictures like Mum should be her first objective.

  2. irifi says:

    Excellent, just excellent, and our congratulations from California, to Marla on becoming a true shutter bug!!

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