Let’s shop !! Selling a bunch of stuff, just thought I’d share…

You guys know how openly I talk about camera gear, its strengths and weaknesses, and that I’m not one to sugarcoat assessments, even towards stuff I own.

I am a few things for sale and will list them here, just in case it might be useful to some of you. I’m located in France and will gladly ship anywhere in Europe, all payments in €. I can take bank transfer, and will accept Paypal as long as you cover the 3.5% premium on global cost (price + shipping). For up to a telelens, 15€ should normally bring a parcel to your door, courtesy of the French Post (and if it’s above 15, I’ll cover the extra).

So here we go. Not all items are mine, I’m selling two of the lenses for my friend Pablo, whom I’ve often mentioned on the blog. They are in pristine conditions and if I were richer, they wouldn’t be in this list, because I’d buy them myself !
* Nikkor AF 35-70 F:2.8 metal push-pull zoom. Awesome. 180€ + shipping



* Nikkor AF-S 70-300 F:4.5-5.6 G VR (oh boy how do I want to keep this one !) Modern plastic G lense, not the prettiest for bloody good. 315€ + shipping



* Canon NewFD 50 F:1.4 in collector’s condition, WITH original hood (a rarity, the hood). BETTER than the much touted SCC version (this one is older and sports the same coatings, plus it got rid of the old looking silver breechlock and is handsome in austere black). Rare condition, smooth turning rings, and optically kickass. Asking 99€ for that baby, which is cheap. Add shipping SOLD ! to a faithful reader, and editing mentor, Bernard in BelgiumNewFD50-1.4-1

* FD mount Vivitar Close Focus 28mm F:2 KOMINE version. A rarity as well, in perfect condition, has a cult following, and for a good reason ! 149€ + shipping SOLD ! to the same discriminating enthusiast, Bernard from Belgium.



Vivitar28CF-02* Cherry picked Canon EF 28-105 F:3.5-4.5 USM Macro mk II. Best version !! Seven blade diaphragm, fast and silent AF thanks to the USM, and this baby is FF compatible !! Perfect compact, light and cheap companion to a 6D, I can’t for the life of me understand why people would want to carry the 24-105/4 that measures/weights three times as much, and is five times the price, when this lens is a gem. Asking 120 + shipping


* Rarissimo Ernitec 50 F:1.3 CCTV lens. I’m letting this one go for chips (49€ + shipping) as it won’t focus to infinity on my NEX. It can probably be “shaved ” to do so, but I ain’t go the knowledge, so there’s the opportunity to it, it’s nearly impossible to find !



Ernitec-03I think that’s it for now. I’m not including it in the list, but if anyone is interested in a pristine D7100… 😉





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8 Responses to Let’s shop !! Selling a bunch of stuff, just thought I’d share…

  1. Russel says:

    😦 If i wasnt about to sell all my Nikon kit to invest in NEX lenses…

    • marla2008 says:

      It’s not a bad move Russel, just wish you could have both, as both really are worhty and have their use…

      • Russel says:

        Well yeah, Im terribly conflicted. My D300 and lenses sit in a drawer most of the time these days. I’ve been playing with a Fuji X20 (slr-fast AF, weak IQ); Lumix G3 (Good AF, Decent IQ, slow operation, clunky) and NEX-7 + Sig 30 (slow, odd AF – maybe it’s the lens, but a good all-rounder).

        So… one of these has to stay. The rest have to go.

      • marla2008 says:

        It’s funny, I’ve used all cameras you mention, and have different feelings about them. The X20 (I used the X10 and have to assume yours is better) is only limited by its sensor size, but packs a lot of power within those limitations. Of course, it wouldn’t be the one I keep though. I had the G3 (and GX-1, same chip) and found it super fast and crazy fun to use ! My only gripe looking back on it is the m4/3 chip, to small for my liking, but really m4/3 is a very mature and enjoybable system now, if you’re wealthy (good lenses are crazy expensive for the end result you get) and not too addicted to super shallow DOF. Now, the NEX7. What a fantastic camera ! Get rid of the Sig which is hobbled in everyway, and try the SEL35/1.8 or 16-70/4. You’re gonna fall in love all over again. Of course, if you do anything need fast AF, you’re still better off with the Nikon, which is why I maintain both. I’m leaving for a week vacation on Sat and I can tell you the Nikon is *not* coming along 😉

      • Russel says:

        Hi Marla, yeah that’s quite a coincidence! Wow, OK, thanks for your recommendations. I visited four camera stores today and neither the 35 or the 16-70 were in stock. Two stores tried to sell me the 55mm and another had the Zeiss 32 but they wouldn’t let me test it so I passed. It’s been a long day. Enjoy your vacation. I’m taking a 4 day road trip tomorrow, and I’ll take my N7/Sig 30 combo regardless.

  2. marla2008 says:

    Russel, I have a suggestion. IF you bought the NEX7 as a kit, do bring the kit lens with you, for a little added versatility. It’s not great, but it’s better than not having it. Have you ever tried manual focus lenses on your NEX ? To me they bring more than half of the fun there’s to be had with that camera !

    • Russel says:

      Morning, Marla, I only have the Sig. Can you believe, a store I went to had just sold their entire stock of Sony lenses 3 hours before I arrived? They showed me the receipt for 14 lenses! We’re leaving soon so I will consider your advice, and read your blog for more insight on the N7

      • marla2008 says:

        Feel free to ask any particular question you might have. I strongly recommend you get a cheap adapter and any affordable fast prime, in the lines of the 50’s from Canon FD, Olympus OM or Minolta MD/MC. Set Focus Peaking to Medium, Yellow, stop your lens down one stop and shoot away. You might be blasted by the results !

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