I LOVE shooting people and their horses

I just do

Has17Juin14-02I mean, I could do that all day

I took advantage of the fine weather today to go further test my old D90 with its new companion, the Sigma 50-150/2.8. As much as I love the lens (and it got along REAL well with the loaner D7000 I had), it sometimes seems to conflict with the D90 and result in out of focus (OOF) pictures, which is quite frustrating, because as (bad) luck would have it, it usually happens on the nicer captures…

Has17Juin14-03Gwen was schooling Baccarat, one of the two sisters she boards, owned by twin sisters themselves (in short, a sister story !)

Has17Juin14-04I’m pleased to report than despite a narrower DR than newer cameras, and some focus/softness issues with the Baby Bazooka, the D90 still shines for its solid and pertinent metering abilities. It’s worlds above the D7100 I tried, which was all over the place

Has17Juin14-11Sure, seriously backlit shots as this remain a challenge, but I was actually able to process this one from the jpeg file, without having to fiddle with RAW

Has17Juin14-05I had the pleasant surprise to find my own mini horse happily grazing in a paddock with her buddies

Has17Juin14-01Baccarat was in a fine mood today, and she performed well, and willingly

Has17Juin14-06Under her young owner’s supervision


Has17Juin14-08When the D90 nailed focus (thankfully, most of the time) the files had excellent sharpness and detail

Has17Juin14-10Since she was in a good day, she got to jump a bit


Has17Juin14-13Oooh, that looks almost HDR, Heaven forbid ! šŸ˜‰

Has17Juin14-12PMWe had a pair or lovely spectators, Camille, the “other twin”, and Cannelle, her Shetland pony (Camille also has her own bigger mare, Apple, Baccarat’s older sister, and dead ringer)

Has17Juin14-15NBI fiddled with monochrome a bit as well

Has17Juin14-16Later Gwen got off and Emilie got to sit on her mare

Has17Juin14-19A combination I had no picture of so far !


Has17Juin14-21Again, very strong backligthing that needed some tweaking in Photoshop, but overall, quite usable


Has17Juin14-20Next I decide to get a few more shots of Camille and Cannelle

Has17Juin14-22PMThat’s really cute, I think

Has17Juin14-23pm2And this is just my fave for the day !!

Has17Juin14-26Although this rowdy bunch is pretty sweet

Has17Juin14-25Kinder and Pirouette

Has17Juin14-27Grazing blissfully


Has17Juin14-28And Doudou for desert. I hope you enjoyed them. I did


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Shutterbug. Shallow DOF nut. Mother of Child. Student of the Horse.
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11 Responses to I LOVE shooting people and their horses

  1. I kept getting to a favourite, which was then replaced by the next favourite. Lovely stuff all round. šŸ™‚

  2. Funny, I would have swear that some of the pics were taken with the Navitar 75. I thought I could see a little bit of twirling on some of the pics.

    Isn’t the poney a little bit too short for Camille?

    • marla2008 says:

      It’s mostly a pet pony laurent, but whenever she rides it, ponies are very sturdy and can carry much bigger riders than you’d think. I ride Pirouette myself regularly !

  3. Doudou has an interesting color. Wonder how it would show in black and white

  4. Claire, are you planning to get a Sony A7s? Would like to hear your feedback on this camera.

    • marla2008 says:

      Hey, how are you doing ?
      No, I don’t plan on getting it. Would love to, as I am very comfortable with the concept of lower MP count, but it’s just too expensive for me to justify it. I would have considered it around 1200ā‚¬, but no more.. I’m sure it’s a fantastic camera though !!

  5. marla2008 says:

    No Tracy, you are confused, he’s talking about the new A7s !! It’s about 2400ā‚¬ I think….

  6. MJWC1 says:

    There are so many great shots in this post, Claire. The colours and tones are wonderful and the subject separation is very effective.

    Very impressive!

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