Bits and pieces, and so news on the job front

MarlaJuin14-38Yeah, last Sunday was father’s day. The guy holding the money of the left is Marla’s daddy, the guy next to him his associate, and of course I’m the long, black-haired princess 😉

MarlaJuin14-39Marla likes to shoot these days. The NEX7, the Nikon, her Canon compact, anything. That’s good, I encourage that

MarlaJuin14-36She finally learned to swing by herself, and pretty high, too ! Now the baby swing in our yard has to make way to a sturdier one

AurelienJuin14-04When I drove to give Charlotte her dad’s D7000 last week, we met in a park. The kids had fun, rode the carrousel and ate ice cream. As children should

RaphaelJuin14-05That’s Charlotte #2, his ice cream days will come, too

MarlaJuin14-37I turned down a 4th buyer for my NEX7 today. Who wants to sell a camera with such cracking good DR ? Heck, not me

Has17Juin14-29I came across this shot digging in my files and sort of liked it. It was shot in native B&W on the NEX, which gives pretty nice monochrome once set right

So, yesterday Paypal ruled in my favor in my D7100 dispute, and today, although the seller and not picked up the returned package from the post office, Paypal went on and refunded me. Funds won’t appear in my account before 5 days or so, but they’re on their way.

Has03Juin14-10I found this shot, I liked the attitude, but color and contrast wise it looked very bland and washed up. I decided to apply a little Tracy magic (my photog friend who has undying love for generous processing) and find it fits it just great 😉

Now, the important stuff : the job news. Well, I interviewed in early May with a company I *really* liked, and was told I’d hear from them around mid June. Sure enough, they gave me an appointment for a second interview, which took place today. And the fabulous news is : IF the lady I’m supposed to replace hasn’t changed her mind about transferring to another of their agencies abroad (lucky chick is going to the US !), they’ll write me a one year contract, which could turn into an indefinite one after that. I should be starting early July, right after returning from my own US trip. So I’m totally excited, except for that IF. I’ll have confirmation, and a definite answer, by next week. It’s gonna be one loooong wait…

Has03Juin14-10NBSo to make up for that… today I ordered a D7000 😉 A self appointed birthday gift of sorts 😀


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3 Responses to Bits and pieces, and so news on the job front

  1. Some good news and great photos. I’ll keep everything crossed for you regarding the job.

  2. Knock on wood for the job!!!!!

  3. MJWC1 says:

    Fingers crossed, Claire. I really hope the job comes through for you.
    I really love the black and white shot outside the stables – a great scene and the tonal balance is perfect.
    The D7000 is a very wise move (in my humble but biased opinion). Having spent a week so far with mine, I love it. Fantastic handling (especially as a step up from the much more menu dependent D5000). The main reason I wanted the D7000 is for the girls’ soccer. First outing today and I am very pleased – both focus and exposure were near enough to perfect and the images are very nice indeed. I’m very much looking forward to what you can do with yours 🙂

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