Back home !

Just got home today, from a one week vacation on Smith Moutain Lake, Virginia. 130 processed images and counting. So expect several picture heavy posts really soon !



About marla2008

Shutterbug. Shallow DOF nut. Mother of Child. Student of the Horse.
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4 Responses to Back home !

  1. irifi says:

    It appears as though your husband was a bit sea sick, or he really didn’t want to be aboard! However, your daughter on the other hand is truly beautiful, as it shows just how much she enjoys life . . . . . .

  2. marla2008 says:

    Not all ! My husband is nowhere happier than on a boat ! He just often has a dejected expression, lol, don’t trust it 😉

  3. Haha, I dont see it as dejected – more smouldering European! Bloody great shot of the little lady though 😉

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