Virginia report, followed

SML2014-68Situated in Southwestern Virginia, Smith Moutain Lake is very much a small paradise. At least for nature lovers, lake fans, and those who like it quiet

SML2014-71Truth be told. If you like bustling activity, shopping, and to have a million things to do, walk away

SML2014-69The serene beauty and almost eerie quietness of the place calls for contemplative rest, and introspection

SML2014-74I found myself reflecting upon life a lot, but in a good way, with a sense of peace and fatalism

SML2014-70Whatever will be, will be. And the trees, mountain and water won’t care one bit

SML2014-72While Marla and her dad enjoyed yet a perfect moment

SML2014-73This kid must have fish DNA mixed in her own !

SML2014-75Blind trust

SML2014-77I tried the NEX7’s 10 images/sec burstmode for the first time, and it works mighty well

SML2014-78The lens line-up I had brought along was competent and gap proof, and the 16-70 was versatile as ever, even if I do find it lacking in character, and therefore, emotion

SML2014-79Like a little ghost

SML2014-81The OM 50/1.8 took care of the portrait and low light stuff

SML2014-80The sun was fierce, and we got tanned the very first day !

SML2014-81bisFishing spree in the making

SML2014-82Marla is also an avid fisherwoman !!

SML2014-83Fishing has always been part of our lakeside vacations

SMLfb52bisSame spot, three years ago !

SML2014-84Same chairs, but less curls 😉


SML2014-86Messing around with some camera “effects”, here Toy Camera

SML2014-87Swimming off the boat while anchored in a quiet cove

SML2014-88Yes, I did buy a real fishing rod at the nearby gas station

SML2014-89When not boating, she basically alternated swimming and fishing non stop

SML2014-90Toy Camera effect mode again

SML2014-93The Navitar comes out



SML2014-94Got one !

SML2014-95Dance of joy

SML2014-96The lake was loaded with that species of fish, coming in various sizes, and Marla caught close to 30 over the whole stay !

SML2014-97Though she was a little reluctant to handle them…

Vermont2012-100PMTwo years ago, in Vermont…

SML2014-101Typical 16-70 shot. See what I mean by “lack of character” ??

SML2014-98That’s the SEL35/1.8, and I like the output better

SML2014-100I added a touch of Snapseed to that one, to bring some detail in the skies, and water


SML2014-102To be followed…


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3 Responses to Virginia report, followed

  1. irifi says:

    What a beautiful family!!!

  2. drpankajshukla says:

    very very nice 🙂

  3. Great times!!!! I think the fish is called Bluegill here (french : Crapet Arlequin).

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