My Bday present to self : a Nikon D7000

“You’ll only turn 45 once”, I told myself. And with the company I’m hoping to work for keeping me on a string, and asking me yet another week before giving me any definite answer, I really needed something to brighten my mood. So after liking the loaner D7000 I had last month, and having a rather frightening experience with a dodgy D7100 (which Paypal thankfully handled to my entire advantage), I just decided to go ahead and get my very own D7000. I dug listings a bit, and came across the eBay store of the brick and mortar I bought my very first D700, almost three years ago. These folks get their cameras directly from a Nikon center, and most of the mid and higher level models from pro trade-ins (my D700 was one)

MyD7000-01Does anything strike you ??

MyD7000-02Need a hint ? Leather…

Yes, it IS my favorite neck strap ! The one I ONLY attach to my best cameras. It used to sit on the NEX7, transferred to the A7, and is now secured to the Nikon, so take that as a sign I do like the camera quite well… WHY ?


GoogleJul14-01I still need to learn the finesses of it, but overall metering seems pretty spot on

MarlaJul14-02A little daker here

MarlaJul14-01Brighter there

MarlaJul14-05But globally consistent. And SHARP

MarlaJul14-04Difficult backlighting in my kitchen : check

MarlaJul14-06Useful wide DR : check

I’m hoping to go to the stables tomorrow (weather permitting), and to give it a more thorough and telling workout. I guess that means “stay tuned” !


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1 Response to My Bday present to self : a Nikon D7000

  1. Flash says:

    Happy birthday Claire… 🙂
    Nice and sharp pictures with this Nikon. Good choice, but heavier than the Nex 7 of course. Which optic is used ?

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