Virginia part III (almost done, I promise !)

I only have a couple of more unprocessed shots left in the NEX7. In the meantime, my new (to me) Nikon D7000 has been delivered, and though it needs further testing, it looks like I landed a fairly nice unit (fingers crossed). So here are some more Virginia shots, not *quite* the last, but close

SML2014-126Marla got so handy with fishing related matters she actually set her own bait

SML2014-123Small trout ?? I don’t know much about fish, but I thought it might be. She caught it all by herself, and here her dad is trying to spook her by holding it close and she wants none of it !

SML2014-125But look at that beauty !

SML2014-127Over the last two days, we had visitors. They had escaped the neighbor’s dog pursuit and came splashing in our part of the lake. Marla immediately took to feeding them breakfast buns, and they thought the place was pretty nice and safe

SML2014-128The male was very vocal about getting his food

SML2014-129They decided to hang around

SML2014-130Got pretty fearless of us

SML2014-131And next thing we know they’re swimming less than 1m from the kid !

SML2014-132On several occasions we went to remote coves to anchor and swim off the boat

SML2014-133Which Marla thought was enldless fun

SML2014-135Not fazed in the least by the deep waters

SML2014-134And enjoying a little snack afterwards

SML2014-136I know worse as far as summer vacations go 😉


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