D7000 foreplay

That’s all we did today. There was only one rider in the arena, and previously when I coached Marla it was out of the question to make pictures as I was supervising closely her loping session (which went pretty well). So Gwen and Pagaré’s dressage schooling session was pretty much all I caught


Has30Juin14-04Pagaré is the gorgeous Spanish Purebred who tossed me out a couple of months back

Has30Juin14-15Since his owners was having some issues as well, Gwen got appointment to gentle him

Has30Juin14-03She’s been at it for about three weeks, and he’s progressed quite a bit already

Has30Juin14-05I had packed the 50-150, and though when focus is perfectly nailed, it’s beautifully sharp, I got most not *quite* perfectly focused shots

Has30Juin14-06Pagaré still has some unexpected behaviors, such as this (he was loping quietly when something scared him, and he set off much faster)

Has30Juin14-07Tomorrow is the teens/adult schooling session, so I’ll have much more varied subjects. I’ll be packing the Nikkor 70-300VR as well, to compare

Has30Juin14-08I played with the burst mode a little, and it works just fine. I had it set a 4 frames per second, I the fact people claim they need 8 or 10, or heaven forbid, 12, boggles my mind. Already at 4 I feel most shots are redundant…

Has30Juin14-11He sure is a very handsome horse !


Has30Juin14-10Metering wise, the D7000 did great, I was very comfortable trusting its meter


Has30Juin14-16I hope the camera will get a better workout tomorrow



Has30Juin14-12ISO3200. Clean !

Has30Juin14-01Stay tuned !




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