We got our baby back !

First off, news from the work battlefront. I’m fine. First day on the job was good and almost fun (almost). I even found the time to edit the 20 usable pics I had taken during our two day stunt in Brittany. So here they are !

LescoJul14-01Getting our princess back after TEN days was just bliss. We missed her BAD

LescoJul14-02I had only taken the N7 and SEL35 this time around. I’m not very photographically driven these days, and staying there only one full day (knowing it’s a 2 X 6 hours drive !) I didn’t want to bother with a lot of gear

LescoJul14-03She was just as excited as we were

LescoJul14-04The famous “crêpes bretonnes” for breakfast. Just amazing

LescoJul14-05We had taken Google along, and she had to be tied full time (when not in the house) as otherwise she’d run away first chance she’d get, and we’d likely never see her again ! We don’t want to take ANY risk with that

LescoJul14-06The latest fad with little kids is tiny rubber bands they braid bracelets with. Trying to show her dad how to make them

LescoJul14-07Discovering Mama’s new phone

LescoJul14-08Shot by mu husband. Focus is off, but I like it anyway


LescoJul14-11She found a box of old wooden cubes puzzle. They are so worn and faded we can hardly make the puzzles out, but she ended up succeeding anyway

LescoJul14-12Around the 14th of July (our own, French, Independance Day), there were a bunch of public events organized, included this small village dinner (mussels and fries !) with various treats for kids, including face paint, gift fishing, etc

LescoJul14-13Each little thing was only 1€ (would have been about x2.5 times more around where we live) so it was really affordable to treat each child to a bunch of small pleasures. All money raised went to the local public school

LescoJul14-14Parcel fishing was really popular, Marla went at it twice

LescoJul14-15Each little package was wrapped in newspaper, with a nice ribbon bow, and contained a few pieces of candy and 2 or 3 tiny toys

LescoJul14-15Obviously there was a very colored lolly pop

LescoJul14-16One of Marla’s distant cousins, Tom

LescoJul14-17Little dice throwing, all games brought a reward

LescoJul14-182€ for a game, and she could pick this cute plush reindeer

LescoJul14-19Posing with Granny

LescoJul14-20Brittany light. Works every time 😉


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2 Responses to We got our baby back !

  1. 35mm seems to work very well for those indoor shots. I need one of those! (50mm on the APS-C sensor is always a bit to narrow!)

  2. marla2008 says:

    Laurent, do pick one up, 35mm on APS-C is SO versatile. I could actually just keep this one lens for the NEX and be done.

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