All pics in this post (but one) by my (not yet) 6 yr old kid

Marla and I went to the stables today to dot/ride on our respective “ponies”. She couldn’t ride her, due to a nasty looking injury Pirouette has under her chin (some mishandling by a person unknown), but we helped the stables head to clean up/dress the wound, and we spent some quality time with our girl anyway. Then, I headed to pick up Joli in his stall, for our fourth session together. And this is what I found…

But At our stables, horses are turned free for a couple of hours, every day. Which is a mandatory requirement for a locked up, originally free grazing, animal. So I was totally at peace with the fact he enjoyed himself and rolled in the mud like a pig. However, the cleanup part was a bitch 😉

Has29Jul14-07But I think I did a fairly good job of it, and we set to work

Unlike the previous sessions, it went so-so today. My fault, really. I didn’t take the time to do the same warm up exercices I have repeated with him every time we worked together before, so the previous connection we’d achieve wasn’t there today. We got things done, but my feel was a little rough, a little unexact, and he reacted accordingly. He was both sticky in the feet, and a little hotter in the head, that he’d been before. It’s not a big deal, really. He can’t be perfect at all times, and neither can I. I’ll offer him a better feel tomorrow, and we’ll do better, I’m not worried about that

Has29Jul14-02We felt a little “off”, out of synch, but nothing unusual for a horse and rider that have met each other only days ago. What *was* rather unusual, was the previous level of connection we’d achieved

Has29Jul14-04Since I was on the horse, obviously, someone was behind the camera, right ?

Has29Jul14-03Indeed, I had handed Marla the NEX7 with 16-70/4 attached, and a mission to “make pictures of Mama on her horse”. She shot a bunch of totally unrelated stuff, but she did come up with a few usable frames of Joli and me

I As you can see most of the work on a very green horse, I personally (not being a superb rider) do at the standstill, walk, and trot. I haven’t even cantered him ridden yet. There’s time for that

Has29Jul14-08Tonight I came to the sad conclusion that my beloved Bona Allen Western saddle isn’t fitted for me (on this particular horse). Hence, I’ll be getting another saddle very soon (an English one, for a change)

Has29Jul14-06Getting a little recess and some praise

Has29Jul14-09Tomorrow I’m taking my best friend along… and my Nikon DSLR, as well. Hopefully I’ll get some better pictures to share 😉


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1 Response to All pics in this post (but one) by my (not yet) 6 yr old kid

  1. Blimey, Marla is almost as good as you behind the camera! Lovely exposures 🙂

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