Cellphone pictures ? Yeah, right

I have a little story for you guys today, that’s bound to make you smile, me thinks

Has30Jul14-05The lady in yellow is my best friend. We’ve been buddies for as long as I can remember, and she’s just like another me

Has30Jul14-09We took my friend Domi along to the stables today, and I had planned to give her the D7000 and let her shoot me riding Joli, as Marla has trouble keeping the NEX7 and 16-70/4 steady. So I made sure the battery was charged and all settings were favorable to an unknowing shooter. I gave my friend the camera, hopped on my horse, and tried to look good

Has30Jul14-01WTF ?!

Yeah, that is *obviously* not a D7000 picture. From up there I could see my friend aiming the camera at me, and looking puzzled. I slowed down Joli and strolled down to her “anything wrong” I asked. “It’s not powering on”, she said. “Never mind, I said, just put it back in the back and chill out”. She pulled her cellphone and starting taking a bunch of “horrible” shots

Has30Jul14-04As you can see, there are two novelties. One, I have a new helmet. I hate riding helmets, and were I the only concerned, I wouldn’t wear one. But my husband insists that I do, and he’s totally right. Plus, I’m setting an example for my kid, who I’d strictly forbid not to wear hers

Has30Jul14-02Second, Joli has new boots ! A full, four legs set. It’s white, stylish, and very easy to put on. I didn’t intend to buy one when I got in the tack store today, but once the extra cost is digested, I’m glad that I did

Has30Jul14-03Marla is getting totally comfortable with riding Joli, whom she hops on every single day (check out the new helmet !). On a side note, I’m getting an English saddle next week, here it is :

samii-0ff8d4e9e163aaf762885db5f4d33c7f1Ain’t it beautiful ?

Once I was off the horse, I checked the D7000 to see what went wrong with it. I powered it on, half pressed the shutter, and could feel the AF purring soflty and reactively. I asked my friend how she could not feel it work ?? She said “I pushed on the red button and nothing happened !”. Holy cow, she was trying to engage the movie button !!!



Has30Jul14-07So we got Pirouette out and I shot a few frames

Has30Jul14-08IA smidge better than the crappy cell, heh ? 😉

Has30Jul14-10I’m not giving up ! I’m bringing both the camera and my friend again to the stables tomorrow for another try !! Stay tuned…


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1 Response to Cellphone pictures ? Yeah, right

  1. Same thing happened to me this week end when I asked somebody to take a pic of the family. Forgot I had a backbutton AF set up, and all the pictures were blurry. Rats!

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