A blessing

I have many, many blessings in my life. The first one being obviously my amazing daughter. My husband, family, a new, much desired job. And the new horse

Has02Aug14-39My new horse is just… unique

Has02Aug14-08I *never* in a million years, expected a 3 yr old baby horse, that has been started under saddle for a mere 12 weeks, and not worked with very extensively, to be that easy, gentle, willing to please

Has02Aug14-29And YES, I did every possible thing, to the best of my knowledge and ability, to give him a good start with us. But I still believe that work has yielded such great results, only because he is so cooperative, gentle and nice to start with

Has02Aug14-28Ok, so, I do have pictures. What happened ? My photo buddy, Christophe, came to the stables with his two older kids, including his lovely teenage daughter, Lise, who’s also a dedicated rider

Has02Aug14-45The idea was twofold. One, to make Lise happy by allowing her to handle and ride Joli. Two, to give Joli the opportunity to work with someone different, but respectful of my directions. Oh, and of course, Christophe offered to make proper pictures of the whole event. Here, I asked Lise to lunge Joli at the walk and trot, and to get him to change directions on light cues. Lise had never done this type of work before, and though she handled it well, she was naturally a bit hesitant. Joli was *amazing*. He literally filled the blanks in for her and completed the exercise by himself !

Has02Aug14-46Here I get ready to demonstrate neck flexions for her

Has02Aug14-47And here she’s practicing herself (she did very well !)

Has02Aug14-04Then we brought him outside and she just hopped on

Has02Aug14-48Pretty soon she was trotting

Has02Aug14-05And cantering along !

Has02Aug14-06Lise was blissful to be able to canter on a 3 yr old on totally LOSE reins

Has02Aug14-07This horse has a fantastic mind

Has02Aug14-09Then I got on

Has02Aug14-11Started tinkering a bit with him at the walk and trot

Has02Aug14-10I’m trying to fix it for him to find the optimum head carriage

Has02Aug14-12He keeps it only seconds at a time, but more and more often, and I encourage that by giving him a lot of free rein length the rest of the time

Has02Aug14-14He’s also much more “forward” than last week, but in a relaxed way


Has02Aug14-17Little supporters (Lise’s brother, Adrien, was bored out of his head and badly wanting to go home !)

Has02Aug14-18Superb balance for a 3 yr old





Has02Aug14-20He’s so light you can hold the reins between two fingers <GRIN>




Has02Aug14-24Icing on the cake : he’s literally as comfortable as my leather sofa !


Has02Aug14-15Decontracting the jaw, Philippe Karl style πŸ˜‰

Has02Aug14-30Ok, I confess, I’m crazy about him…

Has02Aug14-44Though you might have guessed πŸ˜‰

Has02Aug14-36When I get off, I always losen the cinch just an inch, and Marla hops on

Has02Aug14-37She just loves sitting on that horse





Has02Aug14-40He gets a shower, and insists on drinking from the hose every time

Has02Aug14-41Lise was letting him graze nearby, so I grabbed my baby

Has02Aug14-42I’m gonna eat her alive someday

Has02Aug14-43She’s very eatable ! πŸ˜‰

MarlaClaireAug14-01“Γ  croquer”, in French

Has02Aug14-49Marla had had her own riding session earlier in the afternoon, and though I have no pictures to show for it (I can’t coach *and* shoot at the same time !), she rode like a CHAMP

Has02Aug14-50She’s now 200% comfortable with her pony, which is a treat to witness

Has02Aug14-51She even got to share Pirouette’s back with a little friend today

Has02Aug14-52All in all a wonderful way to spend the day, I and have to sincerely thank my friend Christophe for the beautiful pictures he took. I *finally* can show my horse off properly !! Thank you mate !


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3 Responses to A blessing

  1. jls says:

    I know nothing about horses, but he beautiful. I know nothing about riding, but you look good on him. Which camera did you have Christophe shoot these on. You just have been excited as you never mentioned it. What about Google? We haven’t seen anything of her for a while.

  2. MJWC1 says:

    Ah, it’s funny, Claire but Jane said almost exactly what I was going to say. He is a beautiful horse and you obviously have a real bond with him. While I don’t know anything much about riding either, your style looks very impressive. It is wonderful to see so many pictures of you in action – you look fantastic.

  3. marla2008 says:

    Hi Jane, hi Matthew ! Thanks for the kind words πŸ™‚ Regarding cameras, the nicer action pictures of me riding were done with my Nikon d7000 (fine, fine camera !) and the excellent Sigma 50-150/2.8 HSM. Jane, Google is doing absolutely great ! She’s now a real full fledged member of the family. She is smart at the devil and has a very upbeat personality. I’ll try to post some pictures soon !

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