A post, at last

Guys, I’m so sorry. I haven’t posted for a full week ! The culprit is my new job, that is just *crazy* busy. I managed to spend the afternoon at the stables today (and to fall off my horse, but that’s another story, lol), so I do have a few pics for ya all tonight. All images from the NEX7, either with the 35/1.8 or 16-70/4

MarlaAug14-01School is out, Marla spends most days with her dad, who’s managed a lot of free time for her. He literally showers her off with presents and new toys, and of course, she’s in Heaven

MarlaAug14-04I She put Pirouettes’s protective boots on her new plush pony !

Has09Aug14-01I may have a new toy myself, though its future is uncertain as of tonight

Has09Aug14-02I got this gorgeous Eric Thomas saddle on trial for the week-end. It’s beautiful, light, very comfortable… and I can’t seem to find my proper position in it. My riding coach friend says I have to try it again with my leather chaps on, which is supposed to offer more contact and a better leg position. I’ll try that tomorrow, and if I don’t feel better, I’ll have to send it back

Has09Aug14-03Marla playing with The Twin’s little Jack Russel Terrier bitch, “Oops”

Has09Aug14-04I’m not fond of the breed, but Oops is truly adorable

Has09Aug14-05Marla and Pirouette on their way to work

Has09Aug14-07Look at that tail !


Has09Aug14-08The larger, newer indoor arena was being hosed, so we had to revert to the older, smaller barn, with the pyschotic but gorgeous lighting. I liked that 😉

Has09Aug14-09Marla rode like an absolute champ, she has progressed enormously lately

Has09Aug14-10Unfortunately Pirouette sometimes isn’t in synch, and she was slightly annoyed today, so bucked a couple of times (which she did alread on Wednesday). Thank God Marla has developped a pretty sure seat, and she didn’t fall on either occasion, but it sure is a concern. When she was done schooling today, I hopped on Pirouette and worked with for a little while, and she did pretty well with me (though I think she did buck at one point to !)

Has09Aug14-11I couldn’t make pictures at the lope since I was closely monitoring the whole operation…

Has09Aug14-12And this is my fave of the day

Has09Aug14-13Marla even does lateral flexions with her mare

I don’t have any pictures to share of Joli with his English saddle on (he was gorgeous) but I do have an anecdote about how I took my first fall off him today. I usually ride in a Bona Allen Western saddle, that I cinch suggly but not super tight, so I made the (wrong) assumption that the English saddle would be fine cinched the same amount. It was not ! It started turning slightly when I tried to mount, joli took a step forward, I thought I had time to keep on mounting, but by then he was trotting, which threw me off balance as I wasn’t seated yet, which ended scaring him and sent him bucking. Since I wasn’t even properly in the saddle yet, I went flying straight out ! I landed pretty hard on my left hip, while Joli, stunned, loped to the other side of the arena and stopped to… graze. The rest of the session was uneventful but rather lousy, I was lacking feel and rythm and we didn’t get much good work done. There were some ok parts though, and overall Joli retained his wonderful, even, unemotional state of mind (I love this horse). In the past I would have been upset and restless about a “so-so” session like this one, but getting (a little) better in horsemanship also means getting over this kind of thing, which is really not bad in the great scheme of things. There isn’t a thing as failure, there’s just feedback about what to do better next, and the strong desire to do good by my horse. Hopefully more tomorrow, stay tuned 😉


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2 Responses to A post, at last

  1. Karen says:

    Beautiful shots. I am both new to photography as well as your blog. You mentioned the camera used and the specs of the lenses but not if they are Sony brand or something else. Could you share if they are Sony or something else?

    • marla2008 says:

      Hello Karen and welcome to the blog ! The gear used for the previous post was all Sony. Camera was Sony NEX7 (previous mirrorless flagship) and lenses SEL16-70/4 for the horse shots, and SEL35/1.8 for the indoor kid shots. Feel free to browse the archives as there are TONS of Sony gear related posts 😉

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