Heaven help me my husband wants to move again !

I’ve moved countless times in my life. Wayyyy many more than I cared for, really. When we bought our current home, 4.5 yrs ago, I was delighted not only by the place, but by the reassuring thought that we were done moving until we retired, which was in a safely distant future. Now guess what ? My husband is feeling “restricted” in our neighourhood, and wants to move out. Again !

MaisonAug14-01And that’s the little shack he had us visiting yesterday πŸ˜‰

Before you guys get all excited, let me tell you we won’t be buying this specific house. The exterior is fabulous and the ground level is sweet, but the two upper stories are horrible and the whole things needs a worrisome amount of make over. We visited another lovely home before this one, the house was absolutely to die for… but the yard was totally ill shaped, wrong again

MaisonAUg14-03Yeah, it had a lot going for it…

MaisonAug14-06A beautiful park full of majestuous trees

MaisonAug14-05And it was just oozing character

MaisonAug14-04But we have a bunch of other homes lined up…

Has16Jul14-01In the meanwhile Marla and I ride Joli quite a bit

GoogleAug14-01Google is still keen on sofas and beds

Marla MarlaAug14-07and stillMarla has a new plush pony

MarlaAug14-08and still has a passion for face paint


MarlaAug14-09This particular pattern she made all by herself…

Hopefully sometimes next week I’ll have more news about a possible new house, and an estimated delivery date for my new (to me, it’s actually very used !) American Saddlery Western saddle. Stay tuned !


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6 Responses to Heaven help me my husband wants to move again !

  1. Amazing! Just the kind of place I would love if my husband would agree to move to France 😦 how many images are from the Nikon vs the Sony in this set?

  2. Flash says:

    Hello Claire,
    Wow, what a beautiful mansion and the park that goes with it ….
    If you can afford it, go for it.
    Such an opportunity will not arise twice.
    Now, you must reason guarded, check that there are no traps or nuisance: actual condition of the property (internal / external) and its operating costs or maintenance, neighborhood, fiscal points , economic capacity, ghosts presence … you know what I mean. ..
    Good luck, πŸ™‚

  3. marla2008 says:

    Wise words on all counts ! We won’t buy this one, but we’re hunting for something similar, we won’t bite the bullet until we find the perfect home !

  4. Laurent says:

    Good luck with the House hunting!!!!!!

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