Why you all need to stop obsessing about cameras, NOW

It’s been several weeks now that I’m back at work, Mon thru Fri, 9 to 6… or 6:30, or 7, depending on how much workload we get. Let it be said up front that I hate it, lol. Not working, working is fine, gets my butt off my couch, makes me meet people, be productive, get a (smaller than it should) income. What I hate is my boss thinking I’m some kind of robot that has no private life and should do free overtime with a smile.

Not so

MarlaSept14-01There’s one upside to this, though. I’ve totally been weaned from the camera craze. And I mean, totally. Office hours coupled with school starting again and the need the take care of two horses, had me not even touching a camera for weeks. However, when I did again, I had a shocking revelation : some years old gear is still perfectly capable of making all the pictures I need, and will need for some time, yet…

MarlaSept14-02Early morning, trying to wake up for school

MarlaSept14-04Same day, nightime, with her homework

MarlaSept14-05“That’s Marla”

MarlaSept14-03Noise ? So what ?

At the stables, I had to switch from groom-supporter-adviser-photographer, to full time coach, as my new work schedule doesn’t allow me to drive Marla to the Friday night session anymore (where she had her lesson from Gwen and I could just document). So while directing and supervising her riding, I grew increasingly aware that carrying and handling a camera, even as modestly sized as the NEX, was becoming a burden. I truly considered getting a RX100 mkII to do the job with grace, while remaining pocketable, but quickly realized that my budget didn’t allow it (boarding and maintaining two equines, vet bills included, can take a heavy toll on anybody’s wallet)

MarlaSept14-06However I decided I owed all of us some images, so I made the effort and shot those. This hectic light still looks magical to me

MarlaSept14-08On a totally different note, I had to go through the mandatory professionnal health check, and learned with some astonishment that my eyesight is very poor. Which shocked me, as while I’m aware I don’t see that well from afar, I never had the impression of being handicapped in my everyday life

MarlaSept14-07I pulled a pair of glasses that were made for me about 9 years ago and that I never wore ! I put them on. So far, so good, things looked a bit clearer and sharper, and also a bit “in my face”, which I didn’t like much. Then I took them off and was punched in the gut. Everything instantly turned slightly blurry and distant. Wow. What a shock. However, after trying them on and off, I realized that I don’t like the hyper-crisp, super close look of things when I wear them, so I put them back in their box, sitting on my desk at work, just in case…

MarlaSept14-09I did, however, made me wonder about how I see my pictures vs. how YOU see them, mostly post processing and sharpening wise ?? I guess what I look decently crisp to me might seem a bit overboard to those of you with better eyes ? Any comments ?

MarlaSept14-11A long time friend, ex colleague, and running buddy of mine, stopped by yesterday. He hadn’t seen Marla in a while and we barely got to talk with him, but they spent a bunch of time together

MarlaSept14-12They were very happy to hang out together a little

MarlaSept14-14Marla decided to create a resembling “Mii” for him on her Wii game, and she got mischievous and started adding make up and unlikely hairdoes

MarlaSept14-13She had a grand time

7ClinicsDespite not buying any camera gear for weeks, I did treat myself to a few goodies, namely those totally fascinating DVDs of Buck Brannaman horsemanship. Buck is without a shadow of a doubt my favorite horse person in the world. He might not be to everybody’s taste, but his expertise is masterful. I joke that those DVD’s are the “user manual” to our horses

MarlaSept14-10Speaking of which, Pirouette is having recurrent health issues that need addressing. The awful maintenance she suffered from in her previous life probably have caused stomach damage that might be permanent. She needs some tests to be run to find out. More vet bills, <sigh>

GoogleSept14-03At least the pooch is doing great…

GoogleSept14-05Loves everyone once they’ve passed the door… And wants to kill anybdy that hasn’t !

GoogleSept14-04What do I say you need to stop obsessing about gear ? Because a 3 yr old, thoroughly obsoleted camera (or so they say), with *one* affordable fast prime, will go a very long way to produce pictures in which it will not be the weakest link πŸ˜‰


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4 Responses to Why you all need to stop obsessing about cameras, NOW

  1. Laurent says:

    Always great to hear from you!. Funny how people here in the US have this idea that French people work 4 hours a day, nap 2 hours every lunch, and get insane number of vacations days (Heck, on my last job in France, I frequently slept in my office!).

    In my case, my 5 years old camera is definitely not the weakest link either!!!!

  2. Russel says:

    You got something against GAS πŸ™‚ ?

    • marla2008 says:

      I have absolutely nothing against GAS, as long at it’s happy cases of it. I had an acute, but happy case. BUT I see too many people not taking enough perspective with this, and making themselves miserable and chasing unicorns thinking new gear will actually improve their images somehow. It won’t.

      • Russel says:

        The few photojournalists I know only cite the brand name of their gear when queried as to what camera they use. It’s enough, as their work speaks for them more than anything else

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