Shutter happy, coudn’t help it !

Has13Sept14-01It’d been quite a long time I hadn’t shot my kid’s riding lesson, for the simple reason I was the one giving them (and I can’t reasonably coach and shoot at the same time). So when she had her first with her coach and riding mates in a long time, I jumped on the occasion and grabbed (one of) my camera(s). I thought I would just snap a few pics and edit a handful, but as it turns out there are over 35 that made it, so here they are

Has13Sept14-02Marla will turn 6 in two weeks

Has13Sept14-03The lesson was rather crowded, 6 kids total, which made for a little chaotic session

Has13Sept14-04Until upper level of performance, where boys reclame their dues, riding students are mostly girls (as in, 9 to 1 or so). That’s the only boy in the group

Has13Sept14-05Pirouette is Marla’s 10 yrs old oversized Shetland pony. She’s been having recurrent health issues lately that have cost me an arm and leg, but hopefully the problem is under control and she’ll be ok from now on


Has13Sept14-06Anaelle on Amourette, neither of them wanting to be there very much, but smiling anyway

DueHas13Sept14-08Dune on Eclaire, Marla’s former schooling pony, before she got her own

Has13Sept14-09Marla’s always *super* focused while riding. I was using the Nikon D7000 with Sigma 50-150 F:2.8 HSM, aka the Baby Bazooka



Has13Sept14-12I can’t get enough of that beautiful, flowing white tail !

Has13Sept14-13Same drill, seen from the front

Has13Sept14-14Each kids gets to lope individually. Marla used to not, but now she’s more than happy to join in the cantering fun

Has13Sept14-15Whihch sometimes bumpy as Pirouette tends to buck as she takes off, but Marla is able to sit it through (most of the times anyway)

Has13Sept14-16Eclaire, the usual speed demon

Has13Sept14-17She’s made huge progress in her seat/hands/feet position lately


Has13Sept14-20Enjoying herself

Has13Sept14-18They’re also growing and evolving as a team. It’s far from easy, Pirouette is a spirited mare with typical Shetland mischief, but she’s the kid’s best teacher


Has13Sept14-22Six not quite awake kids make for some head hugging for our coach 😉

Has13Sept14-23A student recently added to the group, here riding Vidji, Eclaire’s son


Has13Sept14-26A colorful pair !

Has13Sept14-27Love the straigthness of her posture here, and the relaxed attitude

Has13Sept14-28That’s one pretty small horse

Has13Sept14-29Check out how she looks straight where she’s going

Has13Sept14-30All the while Chivas managed to get some attention


Has13Sept14-32Attentive to her coach



Has13Sept14-35Working on her circles

Has13Sept14-36Towards the end of the session, the pony is really to call it a day 😉

Has13Sept14-37Little group maneuver

Has13Sept14-38Job done. See you tomorrow !


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