A NEX, a pony, my girl and I

Has14Sept14-01Atfer Marla’s collective session yesterday, we wanted to go back for a more private one with Pirouette today

Has14Sept14-02I was tired and not feeling like riding myself, so I just put Joli out to graze for an hour, and watched over the kid. We decided to try a little outside arena riding, for a change. Marla has progressed a lot lately, and I thought she could tackle it

Has14Sept14-03It started reasonaly peaceful, with the pony under control and the kid focused and listening to my directions. However, as soon as I told her to start trotting, Pirouette took off at the lope and tried to bring Marla right back to the stables. Thanks goodness the kid stayed cool as a cucumber and *listened* to her mom (ME !) hollering for her to turn Pirouette around and bring her back. And she did !!!

Has14Sept14-06After that she worked at circling her (on a *small*, prudent circle) around me, in both directions

Has14Sept14-04Then we wisely headed back to the indoor arena 😉

Has14Sept14-09Here the NEX’s native 18-55 lens just couldn’t focus on time, screwing up the picture, but I guess missed shots are part of a photog’s life just as much as successful ones, aren’t they ?

Has14Sept14-07Within the safe enclosed barn, they worked superbly


Has14Sept14-10The traditional end-of-session hug

Has14Sept14-11Here Pirouette got startled… and so did Marla, but she’s pretty much glued in the saddle these days

ClairePirouetteSept14-01Then she said “Mama, I think she wants you to ride her” (no idea where that came from !)

ClairePirouetteSept14-02I felt too lazy to saddle my own horse, but indulged and got on for a few minutes


Has14Sept14-12Just for the record, this is computer generated background blur, and with moderation I don’t think it looks too phony. What you do think ??


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Shutterbug. Shallow DOF nut. Mother of Child. Student of the Horse.
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