A bumpy ride

Literally so. For the first time today I witnessed Pirouette behaving really “mean” towards Marla, and of course totally disapprove. God knows I’m the first person to always try to find a reason for a horse’s behavior, but other than mild annoyance at having to work her butt a bit on a Sunday (irony alert), I saw little reason for taking off at the lope with my kid and trying to buck her off the whole way to the gate. Needless to say I was amazed my not yet 6 yr old managed to actually STAY of the bucking pony, albeit in tears and screaming with fright

Has21Sept14-03Another astounding thing was that I managed to hold my nerves and control my urgent urge to beat the shit out of the stupid equine right there and then, and instead calmy got on and got her to bend around my legs, using no reins at all, on small circles. Then I got Marla to lunge her own horse and we did settle some disagreements there, with some bucking and yanking attached, but at the end of the session a very sweating Pirouette was politely walking, trotting and cantering off Marla’s requests, as well as standing focused on her or backing off a wiggle of the rope (which Marla found immensely fun)

Has21Sept14-05Pre rodeo

Has21Sept14-02This is the pic I’m most proud of. Check out Marla’s ever delicate hold on the reins, how she’s playing with her fingers to give as light and subtle cues as she can. Pretty astonishing for a kid yet to turn 6…


Has21Sept14-06NBTried a little monochrome here

Has21Sept14-04Needless to say all pics are pre bucking, I was too busy post the incident to keep on shooting

Meanwhile Joli had been let out in an outside pen to graze and unwind a bit. A lady friend came by and told me “you’re not gonna like what your horse did”…

JoliSept14-04From afar what “he did” wasn’t blatantly obvious, though I had my little idea

JoliSept14-03He wheenied and walked towards me and my suspicions were soon proven true

JoliSept14-02In fact he had rolled in the dirt, and was caked with mud from the tip of his ears to the hair in his tail !

JoliSept14-01Look at that gentle face. I admit I just threw the towel and took him right back to his stall. Sort of praying by Wednesday night some of the dirt will have dried and fallen off by itself ??

The only other “news” of the week is that Pirouette’s illness has left me bending under a pile of vet bills that are hurting me badly. So while I’d sort of like to consider buying some sort of camera, it’s totally out of the question for now…

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