Is the DSLR dead ? Not mine, anyway…

Has27Sept14-09I won’t bore you with the old, beaten to death, mirroless vs. DLSR debate, at least not today 😉 Instead, I’ll just share images I made with my Nikon D7000 and Sigma 50-150/2.8 HSM short telezoom. I love this combo and I’m constantly shocked at how punchy and pleasant its output is

Has27Sept14-01Marla had a very successful collective session today. She trotted, loped and jumped her mare without any major glitch, and overall with excellent control and skill. Later, I had not one, but two, superb sessions with Joli, who showed great willingness and really “tried”, which I’m so grateful for. The day was probably one of the latest sunny, warm and summer smelling one of the year, and I thought not getting the camera out would be a sin. So I grabbed my faithful Retrospective 7 bag, always packed with the Nikon D7000 and Sigma zoom, and headed out to the stables

Has27Sept14-03Only three riders were schooling today, Emilie, Marjorie, and Constance

And Has27Sept14-04And a some of our little community was here to enjoy as well


Has27Sept14-05And, surprise, surprise, Soazic’s boyfriend had just brought his shining new Leica M6

Has27Sept14-07Yes, I cut this gal’s head off, and deliberately, too. I just thought the shot looked good this way

Has27Sept14-06Soazic’s old, very old pet mare, that she religiously grooms, cares for, takes out, every single day that God makes. When I grow up I want to be as good a horse owner as she is


Has27Sept14-10Jumping on a lose rein was the flavor of the day drill



Has27Sept14-12“Oops” was there, too



Has27Sept14-20I decided to sprinkle a little black and white here and there


Has27Sept14-19The Out of focus, but I liked it 😉

Has27Sept14-18The D7000 delivers some serious pops, and for those of you who wonder, ALL those pictures are jpeg, albeit processed, but jpegs anyway

Has27Sept14-22Our friend Noémie, aka “Nono” is pregnant, and we are thrilled for her









Has27Sept14-31Here’s Leica man preparing to make a shot (Leica seems to involve a lot of preparation 😉 )


Has27Sept14-33Perfect setting for a prego selfie

Has27Sept14-34Soazic’s old mare is so, so old, no one thought she’d be capable of mischief. Wrong ! Here she quietly but surely took off through the nearby field and towards the road

Has27Sept14-35Took three people to bring her back unhurt

Has27Sept14-36Tomorrow should be sunny as well. Count on me to be back there for a morning ride, just before Marla celebrates her big 6 yrs old fiesta !!


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2 Responses to Is the DSLR dead ? Not mine, anyway…

  1. Great set, even better weather! What settings do you use for horsey stuff – AF-C? Centre point AF-S?

  2. marla2008 says:

    I would normally use AF-C for those, with a 9 point group AF, but for those I was lazy and left AF-S with Center on

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