NEX7 as an everyday cam, part II

Yesterday I shared with you pictures taken with the NEX7 and the excellent SEL35/1.8, at a kids’ birthday party. Today here are images made at the stables, in not so great light, at higher ISO, with the very basic 18-55 F:3.5-5.6 kit zoom. I’ve always liked this lens much better than the shorter “powerzoom” 16-50, which offers even less background blurring ability, and whose aperture closes much faster as focal length increases, vs. the 18-55 zoom

JoliOct14-02That’s in decent delight, so no issue so far, everything is sharp, nice and crisp

Has05Oct14-01Marla wasn’t feeling the best, and I’d rather she stayed home and warm, so I asked my teenage friend Camille, whose riding skills I trust fully, to school her for me

Has05Oct14-02Camille did all the grooming, tacking up, with super thorough care, as she always does, and I documented the whole process with my NEX7 kit

Has05Oct14-03All images in-camera jpegs

Has05Oct14-04Heading to the indoor arena to work

Has05Oct14-05Though it was about 3:30pm, the weather was gloomy and the light level on the lowish side

Has05Oct14-06So it was pretty challenging for the not generous 5.6 aperture at the longer zoom end

Has05Oct14-07However the light was pretty, in a subdued kind of way

Has05Oct14-08The one thing that is tricky is keeping shutter speed high enough to freeze motion, while retaining enough light for proper exposure

Has05Oct14-09I chose to stay at ISO 800, and consequently enjoyed a lot of blurry shots (not this one, though)



Has05Oct14-12“dragging the shutter” effect


Has05Oct14-14My pretty little horse

Has05Oct14-15At F:5.6 there is no way to keep the shutter up, it’s blurry shots or nothing


Has05Oct14-17I would have gotten much better shots with the SEL35, but then it wouldn’t have been so versatile, and I wanted to show how the kit zoom performed


Has05Oct14-19My D7000 and 2.8 zoom would have done quite better, but the whole point of the experiment was to keep a lightweight package

Has05Oct14-20Our beautiful white girl



Has05Oct14-23Back at the hitching post

Has05Oct14-24The “other” Portugese in the stables, lives right across Joli in the same barn; 2 yr old, still a stud, but this one is purebred



JoliOct14-03Joli enjoying a late afternoon dip

Any comments welcome. Next week end I’ll use the NEX7 with kit as a travel camera. Stay tuned πŸ˜‰


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Shutterbug. Shallow DOF nut. Mother of Child. Student of the Horse.
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3 Responses to NEX7 as an everyday cam, part II

  1. Laurent says:

    How is the little horse doing? He was sick a while ago…..any good news?

    I always enjoy the pictures you take in the barn, specially at wide angles. The texture of the wall makes things very interesting

    • marla2008 says:

      Laurent, it’s the little white mare who had health issues. The vet made some tests and prescribed a lifelong treatment, thank God basically just an oily supplement every three days, ahd she’s been fine every since. Often stubborn as a mule and not so easy to ride for our 6 yr old, but fine anyway. She just got clipped for the winter and you should see pictures in her new blanket soon πŸ˜‰ Thanks for asking !

  2. jls says:

    You do make the NEX 7 sing!!

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