Two riding sessions with the D7000

Has11Oct14-37Saturday morning Marla went to the collection session with her friends. And in the afternoon I shot a bit of the afertnoon jumping with the teens. Both with the D7000

Has11Oct14-29I had the lovely Sigma 50-150 F:2.8 HSM zoom mounted, and to my dismay I deplored quite a few misfocused shots

Has11Oct14-31However, when it did nail focus, it captured the action pretty faithfully

Has11Oct14-30Eclaire and Dune (above) and Pirouette and Marla (here) are the two fastest teams of the bunch, both mare tending to be speed demons

Has11Oct14-32Even the slow paced Amourette managed to lope a full length of the large arena, although her young rider didn’t make it all the way. She bucked him off before they were done !

Has11Oct14-33At 2.8 the DOF is pretty shallow, and from the front you don’t get both rider and horse in focus

Has11Oct14-34Marla, who was initially a little reluctant to jump, handled her pony, and the session, beautifully

Has11Oct14-35The wild contrast is pretty tough for the camera to handle, and without the constant exposure preview of a mirrorless, you’re left having to rely on the camera meter

Has11Oct14-36Which is actually not bad at all on the D7000

Has11Oct14-01She’s so used to Pirouette taking off at the lope that she’s become quite skilled at it


Has11Oct14-03And unless one of them is in a bad day, they get along rather beautifully

Has11Oct14-13Once the session was over I just shot random stuff around the stables

Has11Oct14-05Or not quite so random

Has11Oct14-06They’re such a cute, good looking pair

Has11Oct14-07And I admit I’m somewhat addicted to that gorgeous, flowing tail !

Has11Oct14-12Black, Pirouette’s “negative”

Has11Oct14-08After we greased her hooves, Marla took Pirouette put to graze

Has11Oct14-09It’s another part of their relationship, and just as important as riding, if not more…

Has11Oct14-10That’s when they get to hang out, and enjoy each other with zero pressure

Has11Oct14-14After the kids, some of the parents also have a schooling session. I never join with Joli, because he’s too green in his work yet, and maybe also a bit because I’m too much of an individualist 😉

Has11Oct14-15On the way to the stables some water got accidentally spilled in my camera bag, leaving my lens foggy for a while

Has11Oct14-16Which explains the very weird rendering you’ll see in the next pictures !

Has11Oct14-17The older girls had a very chaotic session, and some of them a really hard time, but I don’t like to share images of riders falling

Has11Oct14-18Suffice to say nearly all horses were bothered by the combination of jumps set up that day, and that most gave their riders quite a bit of trouble





Has11Oct14-23They kept at it until they got it right




Has11Oct14-27Weirdly enough, this is my favorite image from the afternoon. Hopefully I’ll wipe my lens thoroughly for the next shoot 😉


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2 Responses to Two riding sessions with the D7000

  1. Love the outdoor stuff – the D7K shines. My favourite is the first foggy shot. Question, how do you meter if the subject is a black horse or dog? Meyer for the animal and sod the highlights??

  2. marla2008 says:

    if i use a regular DSLR, as here, it’s the camera that makes decisions (which I hate, truth be told) so I’m content with a decently exposed subject and reasonably blown highlights. When I use a mirrorless camera and have complete control over exposure, I’ll do precisely that, have a slightly underexposed black subject and only gently burned highlights, for an overall balanced and acceptable image.

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