A 2 kid jumping session in bad light with the D7000

Has25Oct14-34Marla rides Pirouette over various jumps on Oct 25th

No lil’ones session was planned this morning as school is off and some kids aren’t in town, but Marla got to join another girl early this afternoon for a serious jumping lesson

Has25Oct14-36Our friend Camille was here and helped out during the whole thing

Has25Oct14-01Pirouette had been interrupted during her lunch, and wasn’t in the most cooperative of moods…

Has25Oct14-03Marla dealt with it pretty efficiently

Has25Oct14-04Today’s team : Marla and Lou (which also is Marla’s second name !)

Has25Oct14-05Lighting conditions were complex and unfavorable. Gloomy day, lots of white washed skies outside, and dark shadow areas inside

Has25Oct14-06That’s when I really wished I had been shooting a mirrorless camera, and enjoying WYSIWYG full time exposure live view, instead of my Nikon DSLR

Has25Oct14-07But the Nikon is what I had, and overall it performed satisfyingly

Has25Oct14-08Unlike the lil’ones usual session, most of today’s lesson was done at a dynamic trot, and lope

Has25Oct14-02I just can’t believe how stunning Pirouette has become. We’ve had her for 8 months now, and she is just a totally different horse

Has22Fev14-43See what I mean ?…

Has01Mar14-02Sure, she was immediately cleaner after clipping, but see how rail thin she was ?

Has25Oct14-09PMThat’s what 8 months of loving care and proper handling can do. Heartwarming

Has25Oct14-10Lou and Polhaar are a good team, and Lou rode masterfully today

Has25Oct14-12While Marla dealt with her tricky pony pretty well too

Has25Oct14-13Horrible contrast, high ISO and fast moving subjects make for very imperfect pictures, but sometimes you just want to have the images, flawed or not



Has25Oct14-11I think Marla will cherish having all those memories of her first real personal pony when she grows up

Has25Oct14-16“At the trot” had said Gwen…

Has25Oct14-17PMPirouette didn’t want no stinking trot, and considering Marla’s smile, she was pretty content with loping to those poles

Has25Oct14-18And jump over them

Has25Oct14-21Getting correct exposure of Polhaar in those circumstances is nearly impossible, due to her coat color !


Has25Oct14-20This looks like so much fun, I want to do the same !

Has25Oct14-24My hard headed mule ❤




Has25Oct14-26Spur of the moment shutter hitting !

Has25Oct14-27Camille and Marla are really close buddies, despite the age difference

Has25Oct14-28PMNow, that’s a nice hop !

Has25Oct14-30This too


Has25Oct14-31I like that, aside from being a great sports, riding bring kids together this way



Has25Oct14-35A tired pony, a happy little girl, and for once, the world is a good place


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