New kid on the block : the NEX5T

GoogleOct14-13NEX 5T ISO 1600, PEN F 38 @1.8

My new NEX5T got here tonight. What a cute little camera. It loses the excellent tiltable built-in flash that the 3N sports, but gains a smarter screen hinge that allows for shooting both selfies (if you’re into that, and a lot of people are) and overhead in crowd/concert, etc, situations (you had to turn the 3N upside down to accomodate that !).

Image quality is very comparable to the 5R and 6, whose sensor it shares, I think. High ISO is remarkably good, very usable up to 3200 in bad light. For those of us who enjoy manual focusing, Peaking is bold and precise.

The body is tiny, but with a good, deep squarish grip that ensures excellent handling. The screen is nicely high defined, the free turning metal wheel wonderfully dampened. Too bad Sony stupidly made this wheel almost useless by not allowing to swap its function with that of the thumb wheel, meaning that in Manual mode, the top dial controls exposure, while it would be MUCH more useful if it altered shutter speed !

I’ll share more images when I have my favorite model around, but so far I’m pleased with the 5T as a temporary body for the fall/winter 😉


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