Walking the 16-50PZ kit zoom around

CanalOct14-01“Kit zooms” are the basic zoom lenses that any manufacturer will throw in with a camera body so you can use it immediately, ideally in a bunch of situation, so versatility is their main goal here, over optimum quality for any specific task. Let’s face it, this very “do-it-all” aspect usually means they do nothing in particular supremely well, and I’ve never been a big fan of them. I’ve tried several units of the 16-50PZ (for “Powerzoom”, it can be electronally controlled for smooth zooming in video mode) and never liked any of them. I find it optically worse than the already notso great 18-55. The aperture also gets dimmer sooner, which means you lose a little bit of blurring ability, not by a huge margin, though

CanalOct14-04Being miraculously free from work today (thanks for my great, friendly colleagues who handled my workload and encouraged me to take the day off as planned despite being swamped), I had a wonderful walk in the nearby fields with Google this morning. That is always the opportunity to take a recently acquired camera along, sort of a ritual if you like…

CanalOct14-07Yes, it’s this time of the year again. The light is getting scarce, skies are bleak. I found the images out of the 16-50 quite bland and flat, but they do respond rather nicely to a little editing, and once run through a decent amount of Snapseed, they’re almost decent enough to share

CanalOct14-05Google needs to be tethered at all times, or else she’s a goner. Maybe one day I’ll trust her enough to set her free, but so far that hasn’t been the case, and she’s also keen on viciously attacking runners and cyclists !

CanalOct14-03I still love NEX cameras, and I still think the lenses for them are lacking, both in variety, and quality of the existing ones. Only a very few are worthy of interest, and most of those are grossly overpriced, like the 16-70/4 Zeiss… The only SEL I truly love is the 35/1.8, which is worth every penny

CanalOct14-11Don’t get me wrong, those are “OK” images, but they needed a good amount of digital massaging to get a little pop


CanalOct14-06So basically, Sony would still need to work on their E mount lens line up. Unfortunately, they have stopped doing that entirely, focusing on their FE range… and getting that all wrong as well, with stupidly big, slow and overpriced lenses that certainly are *not* an asset to their otherwise very attractive FF alpha cameras (A7, A7R, A7S)

CanalOct14-10Crop of a landscape oriented shot



CanalOct14-14Anyway I was grateful to grab a few full body shots of Google, as I the usually get more of her snoozing on the couch ๐Ÿ˜‰

GoogleOct14-02Taken with a prime, manual focus lens

CanalOct14-13Our lovely rescue. We’re so blessed to have her !

GoogleOct14-11So I still think the 16-50PZ is very, very average lens, hardly good enough to be useful at all, and I still prefer the 18-55 over it. That being said, the 16-50 form factor is incredibly convenient, it has that going for it.








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2 Responses to Walking the 16-50PZ kit zoom around

  1. I’m no fan of kit zooms eithere, although the E18-55mm I had with various N7’s was very good, and the Olympus 12-50mm amongst the worst. The EZ 16-50mm is very teeny, almost pocketable, but the last Google images show the difference in IQ between that and a good MF prime. ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. MJWC1 says:

    The 16-50 PZ is a bit of a frustrating lens for me. I really like the way it makes my NEX-5 and 5N genuinely pocketable. I have been looking for the right pocketable camera to have when I’m out with no plan to take photos but wanting to have the possibility just in case, or when I’m carrying my D7000 with Tamron 150-600 on it. I sometimes take my little old Panasonic compact, which takes a decent shot and can be used one handed, but is limited. I’ve considered something like a Sony RX100 compact for this role, but have concluded the NEX with 16-50 is not really any bigger and produces similar IQ. I just with the 16-50 was that bit better, particularly in the corners.

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