What matters in photography : gear, not, having fun and making memories, yes !

Warning : picture heavy post !!

Today I shot two different sessions with my friend Claude’s A6000. Let it be reminded that I openly dislike this camera. I know it gets rave reviews, I know literally millions of users are thrilled with it, none of this matters to me. I’m not saying it’s not great, because it is, I’m just saying I don’t like it (which are two totally different things). Anyway, this morning I packed this camera I poo-poo, slapped an old, super cheapo and broken Sigma 28-70/2.8-4 lens on it via a dumb adapter (the AF on the lens doesn’t work, which makes no difference since it’s a Canon mount and I need to manually focus it anyway), and headed out to the stables to shoot my kid and her friends riding

Has01Nov14-01I thought it would be equally challenging and fun to try to focus this lens on moving subjects, and it sure was. I though IQ would end up being total crap, and it’s not far from it, but with enough processing some of the shots are actually usable. Not great, but decent enough that they can be featured

Has01Nov14-02Remember, the lens is all plastic, the AF is broken, I paid about 70 euros for it like 7 or 8 years ago, and the place it’d look best in is the trash bin. However, when properly focused, it’s can be decently sharp, and has good color rendition


Has01Nov14-04It was blissful to enjoy full time live view via the EVF again, after shooting a few months with a DSLR, and having to rely on the camera meter, rather than making choices with my own eyes. In the above shot, I delibaretely let the sky go completely blown, in order to properly expose the subject, inside the much darker barn

Has01Nov14-05I LOVE being able to adjust exposure on the fly at all times, and make those crucial creative decisions, rather than having the Nikon D7000 trying to figure out how I want to handle contrast !

Has01Nov14-07This is Dune, and she rides Eclaire, who used to be Marla’s schooling pony for about a year

Has01Nov14-06Thank God Pirouette was in a pretty peaceful mood this morning, and other than a little bucking when picking up the lope, they had a smooth ride




Has01Nov14-11They first warmed up at the walk and trot

Has01Nov14-12Last tips from the coach before the canter

Has01Nov14-13She can’t help it. She HAS to purt her head down and give that little buck when she goes… Marla doesn’t even notice anymore though !


Has01Nov14-15Nice and relaxed

Has01Nov14-22Dune on Eclaire

Has01Nov14-23Thoughtful coach

Has01Nov14-24Lope at the other hand

Has01Nov14-25Some very nice trot

Has01Nov14-26I love when she smiles in the saddle

Has01Nov14-27They ended the session playing tag

Has01Nov14-28Lots of laughs here !

Has01Nov14-29Even for those moments, Peaking works well




Has01Nov14-33The weather was *amazing* today. TONS of sun !!

Has01Nov14-34After lunch we went back to the stables and I worked with my young horse, Joli. After we were done, I mounted the 70-200/4 Minolta “Beercan” lens on the A6000, and shot a bit of the afternoon session

Has01Nov14-35I’ve had this lens before and it was much better, so I’m afraid this unit I have on load from Claude right not the best around…

Has01Nov14-36It does have superb color rendition, though

Has01Nov14-37Sharpness is all but critical on this unit


Has01Nov14-17We all hung out and had a good time watching the girls ride

Has01Nov14-16Marla shot this pic !





Has01Nov14-43On a side note, I was a little naughty yesterday. I bought some stuff πŸ˜‰



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5 Responses to What matters in photography : gear, not, having fun and making memories, yes !

  1. MJWC1 says:

    What is it you don’t like about the A6000, Claire? I know you’ve covered it before, but I’m feeling lazy…

    • marla2008 says:

      Hello Matthew ! The new “Bionz” processor’s jpeg engine is just horrid. As a strict jepg shooter, it’s just hell. And the A7 has the same 😦

      • MJWC1 says:

        Aaahhhh…. So why another A7?

      • marla2008 says:

        Why, indeed !? Because I had kind of forgotten their shared the same jpeg processing. Listing it shortly….

      • MJWC1 says:

        That sucks. While I really enjoy my NEX-5 and 5N, the extent and nature of change by Sony does make me reluctant to go further into the system (or systems, really). Innovation is great, but sometimes it seems like its being done for its own sake, just to generate sales. Fair enough, but not ideal from a user’s perspective.

        Of course Sony is an electronics company rather than an optical company, but photographers have a very different engagement with their equipment than people watching a TV or using a Blu-ray player.

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