A good new lens, and another A7 body

GoogleNov14-05Two days ago I took delivery of an older Minolta 28-75/2.8 lens

It’s in pristine condition, and it renders very, very nicely on the loaner A6000 I have at home

GoogleNov14-04I use it with the LA-E2, Sony’s powered AF adapter. It’s a powerful combo in daylight, but forget using it in low light. Thankfully the super Focus Peaking feature allows to work in any kind of lighting

GoogleNov14-01Our Beagle cross rescue bitch, Google, is a willingly and easy going model


GoogleNov14-03I’ve been waiting for another A7 body for days (post office was late delivering it)

GoogleNov14-06I played with the A6000 to kill time

MarlaNov14-02Finally, it showed up today !

It’s in pristine condition, I got it at a fantastically low price, and, cing on the cake, it only has 1900 shutter actuations on it !


GoogleNov14-07My fave of the day !


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1 Response to A good new lens, and another A7 body

  1. photoomaha says:

    I’ve been ‘all in’ on the A7 for a few months now. It is honestly the best photographic tool I have ever used. I have been really enjoying using manual focus Nikon glass. For me, this combination has been incredible. The one lens that I do use from the autofocus family is the Zeiss 55mm 1.8. I hope this one works out for you. I can definitely tell an increase in dynamic range and how my images are coming out.

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