Few horsey news, and a some hands on the Sony A77 II

My buddy Claude has bought himself a spanking new Sony SLT-A77 mark II this week, and being a friend, he drove over an hour to bring it over for me to play with

Has23Nov14-01Incidentally, he also shot a few frames of Joli and I schooling on a nice Sunday afternoon

Has23Nov14-10Then he handed it to me, and I was able to try it for a while with Pirouette’s new rider, Talya, as my main subject

Has23Nov14-08Pirouette has been very naughty these past two weeks, she got into the awful habit of bucking Marla off only minutes within her weekly lesson. It didn’t take much more than two weeks with systematic wrecks for Marla and I to call it quits. So I had to go and find a slightly older, slightly more skilled kif to take over and get Pirouette back into working mode. Enters Talya…

Has23Nov14-1711.5 yrs old, way heavier and stronger, she’s exactly what we needed

Has23Nov14-18Claude cut Joli’s legs off here, for some unknown reason. But the shot looked generally good, so I decided to keep it nonetheless

Has23Nov14-12Camille, the more helpful of The Twins, has been helping us a lot with Pirouette, and she keeps doing it by giving short and sweet schooling sessions to Talya on week ends

Has23Nov14-14While her sister was working on her own problem child, Vidji

Has23Nov14-11Overall I didn’t get much time with the camera and it was in default settings all over, but I found it immediately pleasant to use

Has23Nov14-104th session together, and overall they got a good thing going

Has23Nov14-02So do I with my gorgeous little horse

Has23Nov14-04Scream not, I had forgotten my helmet at home 😦


Has23Nov14-05The horse did well. The camera could probably have done better with maybe better glass (the 24mp sensor is quite demanding on optics), and finer tuned settings, but Claude has only just started using it, so they need time to adjust

Has23Nov14-16Luckily, I’ll get to play with it more at length within two weeks

Has23Nov14-09Aren’t they purdy ?

Has23Nov14-15Aside from often holding her reins way too short (not here), Talya does quite a good job with the mare. I’m pleased

Has23Nov14-13And I’ll be glad to get more time with the A77 in a bit, as it seems like a pretty dang nice little machine




Has23Nov14-07Yup, very nice indeed



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1 Response to Few horsey news, and a some hands on the Sony A77 II

  1. MJWC1 says:

    Joli really is a beautiful horse, Claire. That A7 produces some very nice output too (and you’re looking good as well!). Is that the brand new stabilised one?

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