I was photographed today

Yeah, you read that right. I did not photograph myself, but I had my buddy Claude drive over to the stables and kindly do a little photoshoot of Joli and I with his recently aquired A77 II and Sigma 50-150/2.8 HSM (ok, I’ll admit I was somewhat instrumental in him getting both)

Joli17Jan15-02Initially, Claude was supposed to document our second coaching session, but I got confused with dates, and he missed it. Which is a real pity, because we had an amazing session with a real breakthrough, and I would truly have loved to have pictures of our progress

Joli17Jan15-01Of course, today, with my personal photographer in da house and ready to immortalize our excellence… we had a very average session, so you won’t witness any awesomeness in the following images

Joli17Jan15-09“I’ll try not to cut any limbs off”, he said… (and globally, he didn’t)

Joli17Jan15-04One of the few good looking phases we had (where I totally failed to release and give him a good break, what a fool I am)

Joli17Jan15-08My sole issue with the whole session was to isolate shots where we both had a good attitude. But technically speaking, the images were extremely easy to work with. Claude and his 77II had done a great job

Joli17Jan15-10I touched them in Photoshop as usual, then ran them in Snapseed for a touch of added drama, but they were all originally well exposed, with good color balance, etc

Joli17Jan15-03Another moment of proper position

Joli17Jan15-05Ain’t he just handsome ??

Joli17Jan15-07A rare occurrence of decent collection today

Joli17Jan15-06Mainly the reasons for a very average performance today was my lack of well timed releases, and a young girl riding her big and spooky mare joining us in the arena. Joli isn’t advanced enough in his work so far to be able to handle it… Neither am I, I think. Hopefully tomorrow at lunch time we’ll have the barn to ourselves and will be able to do a bit better. Fingers crossed.


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Shutterbug. Shallow DOF nut. Mother of Child. Student of the Horse.
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2 Responses to I was photographed today

  1. Nice set, well executed! What are your impressions of the A77 Mk2?

  2. marla2008 says:

    Tracey, I shot it very, very briefly a few weeks ago, so I’m really not entitled to any reliable opinion. My friend seems to be getting slowly but surely familiar with it, and the files he handed me on the SD card were mostly well exposed, sharp, with accurate white balance and very easy to work with

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