Real estate photography… that’s tough !

Hi guys

Last time I posted was about the lovely property we have found near Bourges, France, and that’s we’re hoping to buy. The deal is in progress, we’ve found an agreement with the sellers and now still need to sign the preliminary contract, and arrange a new mortgage with a bank (that’s the tougher part). As a forward step to achieve this, we listed our own home for sale, “by the owner”, to avoid the outrageously high fee real estate folks wanted to charge us. And to list our home, we needed quality pictures

MareuilMar15-01I wasn’t too concerned with getting some, still having my friend Claude’s NEX 5R on loan. This little camera is just amazing for its tiny size, humble price, and rock bottom low bragging factor (ZERO !!). But dang, it takes pictures like clunky DSLRs four time its size and price…

MareuilMar15-08There’s a major rub though… no wide angle !!

MareuilMar15-07The original NEX kit zoom is a 18-55, which I have always preferred to the slightly more recent, and much more compact, 16-50mm

MareuilMar15-13I hate the 16-50 with a passion, for reasons too long to explain here, plus it has its faithful followers, and cannot be faulted for versatility. The extra bit at the wide end sure would have helped me with my interior pictures

MareuilMar15-04But the 18-55 is what I had at hand, and despite my husband moaning that I hadn’t bought a wide angle “even though I knew I’d need to shoot our home any day now”, I think the pics I ended up with are doing the house justice


MareuilMar15-05Potential buyers seem to think it, too

MareuilMar15-09And the best compliment I get is probably real estate people calling like maniacs and telling us we’ve GOT to let them sell the house 😉


MareuilMar15-16So far we’ve had 4 viewings (in just  5 days of time), with two returning couples about to make an offer. And couple n°3 seems very intersted as well…

MareuilMar15-06A little sun would have helped, as well as being a bit farther along in the year, for some leaves on the trees !


MareuilMar15-14But all in all we’re pretty hopeful for the sale

MareuilMar15-12And I’m happy with the images I was able to capture with the 5R. A little twist in Snapseed was needed to add a bit of attractive drama. I truly dislike HDR by default, but used sparingly it does add a bit of welcome “bite”, making those home pictures way more engaging.

Stay tuned for the outcome, hopefully soon !


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3 Responses to Real estate photography… that’s tough !

  1. MJWC1 says:

    You’ve done a great job with the little Sony, Claire, and your house looks wonderful. With your photographic skills and Olivier’s business skills I have no doubt you will end up getting a great price for the house – particularly when you factor in the huge savings on agent’s fees. This seems to definitely be one of those cases where a private sale is the right idea.

    They are terrific cameras, the Sonys. I have been using my Nex 5N a lot lately. We have had a night festival going on in Canberra, which has included light displays, bands and so on. I took a bunch of photos the other night with the Nex and an old Tamron 135mm lens. I have to say I was seriously impressed with what it could do hand-held. Some of the shots were at ISO 25,600 and while they were noisy, of course, they were also entirely useable.

    The Nex also came on a hike with me today to the top of one of our local mountains. It did a great job – both before and after I made the mistake of picking up the camera bag without checking to see if it was zipped up. The poor little camera landed on a rock and has a hole and cracks in the screen 😦 It is still going strong and even if it fails eventually, replacement cost is pretty negligible.

    Anyway, thank you as always for sharing and best of luck with both the sale and purchase. It sounds like everything is going beautifully for you, which is great to know.

    Best wishes

    • marla2008 says:

      Thanks a bunch Matthew. Still not sold for now, but we’re hopeful, and now I got to make more pictures as my in-laws are listing their home, too. I got to borrow a 10-18 and it changed the whole deal… for the better !

  2. marla2008 says:

    Thanks for the kind words Matthew ! We were supposed to get offers on the house from two different couples… but they’re taking their sweet time, lol. Now my in-laws are selling their home too, and guess who they asked to make the pictures ? 😉

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