Done deal

… Or close.

MareuilMar15-01Soon to switch from this…

Champfleury-04… to that 😉

All the organisation, meetings with the banks, counselors, and all that jazz, do take a lot of time, and energy, and I’ve hardly had any time to see, let alone ride, my horse lately. That sucks

Joli06Avril-15Thank God my buddy Claude is always willing to help by documenting our sessions

Joli06Avril-01Joli has always disliked this outdoor (unfenced) arena, and has given me some trouble in it, so I decided to work on relaxation in that very spot

Joli06Avril-04I did that by loping him around a bit longer than he would have liked

Joli06Avril-02Soon enough he was tired and just wanted to stop and be a good boy

Joli06Avril-05Not yet 😉

Joli06Avril-03Ok, now you can take a break. You can notice the new saddle here. It’s a Westwood “butterfly reiner” and it offers amazingly close contact with the horse. Like riding bareback, but without the risk of falling off !

Joli06Avril-08We worked on backing up as well, which he did much more willingly than he had recently (thanks Patrick Hopgood for the video demo, it works wonders)

Joli06Avril-09We also jogged around a bit till he was relaxed and content

Joli06Avril-10Nice and soft on the bit

Joli06Avril-12But mostly we loped circles, trying to fine tune that crucial element of reining

Joli06Avril-11Here you can see he’s very relaxed physically, and quite soft mentally, as his facial expression show

Joli06Avril-13A touch of bending and shoulder control

Joli06Avril-14And we ended up in the pond, which is a treat for him

Thanks to horseworld celebrity Stacy Westfall for making a blogpost to answer (yet another) one of my questions. Her kind and well thought advice proved superbly helpful when dealing with a crabby young horse. And, icing on the cake, next Sunday we’ll be working with our real world coach, Nicolas Podetti. Stay tuned !

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One Response to Done deal

  1. Laurent says:

    Congrats for the new house!!!!! Good to hear from you!

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