An unlikely find

TulipeAvr15What, a flower pic ??

My friend Claude lent me two lenses last week. One is a 35-105 Tokina RMC zoom, and unlike I missed something about its operation, it’s a totally uninteresting dud. But, the other lens proved to be an unexpected treat

GoogleAvr15-04Fujian CCTV 35/1.7, wide open (frankly, what else ??)

CerisierAvr15-02The Fujian is well known from enthusiast photographers. It retails, brand new, for about 35 euros, delivered. I’ve had one before (in black) and it’s given me some pretty nice images on the m4/3 camera I had used it on

GoogleAvr15-02The distinctive sign of the Fujian is the brutal focus fall off. There, it’s sharp, a few millimeters away, it’s blurry. It also can have slightly swirly bokeh at times

CerisierAvr15-03That makes from a pretty 3D rendering of things

Fujian35:1.7Because I have a lens that is very close in characteristics, the Olympus PEN F 38/1.8, I decided to shoot them side by side. Here, the 35€ Fujian


And here’s the PEN F, which usually goes for up to 200€. Pretty close, huh ?




GoogleAvr15-0335€, seriously ?

GoogleAvr15-05I thought you’d like to see some non horse pictures, for a change 😉


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