Random selection of NEX6 shots

MarlaMai15-01The NEX6 is nearly a dinosaur in digital age, but boy does it still work

That was Marla, pre-dog bite. On April 28th she got badly bitten in her right hand by an unreliable Lab Retriever, owned by one of her friend she’d gone to spend the afternoon with. The bite was serious and we spent the next two days in various ER rooms, and ended up with a 1 hour surgery

MarlaMai15-05Marla post bite. Can’t write, can’t cut her own steack, can’t zip down her own fly to go to the bathroom. And of course, can’t play tennis, can’t run for fear of falling and hurting the hand further, etc…

MarlaMai15-04But she’s still a little girl, wants to play, to have fun, to enjoy life

MarlaMai15-03And she still loves dogs, no matter what

MarlaMai15-02And isn’t fazed playing with ours

MarlaMai15-09Before anyone ask, the biter is still alive. We didn’t file a complain because there is a little 6 yr old owner, too, and as much as I’d like to see him dead, I can’t bring myself to be the one to make that little girl cry

MarlaMai15-06So surprisingly enough the girls are still friends, though Marla won’t ever go back to her house to play… and I doubt any kid of our village ever goes, either

MarlaMai15-08Recent acquisition… a ton of fun

MarlaMai15-07The surgeon is very confident that she’ll bear no long term damage, thank God

MarlaMai15-10All shots so far with the PEN F 38/1.8 (manual focus)

MarlaMai15-11All following shots with the SEL18-55 black

MarlaMai15-12Went to the amusement park today, she had a great time

MarlaMai15-13That kit lens ain’t bad at all

MarlaMai15-14Those rides are fun

MarlaMai15-15Until next time !


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