Our last coaching session for now : a good one !

Joli24Mai-15-05Praising my horse for his good efforts

Joli24Mai-15-06As my faithful readers will know by now, we’ll be moving in late July. Joli, my handsome Portugese horse, will go ahead of hus and transfer to his new boarding place next Saturday

Joli24Mai-15-01So today was the perfect occasion for have our last coaching session until later this summer. I’ve been off all week and have ridden on most days, so it was time for a little fine tuning with our instructor, Nicolas

Joli24Mai-15-02My hobbyist photographer friend Claude was here also, to document the event

Joli24Mai-15-03All the work we’ve done for the past 10 months is really starting to come together and yield good progress, which is really encouraging

Joli24Mai-15-07By that I mean a calm, willing and engaged horse, trying to please and seeking the proper attitude


And yes, the spin is coming along a little better, too. Still a couple of millions repetitions away from proper form, but he’s accepting it more and trying harder

Joli24Mai-15-09This for instance, is defninitely a new level of effort that he didn’t give before

Joli24Mai-15-11other way…

Joli24Mai-15-10still chaotic, but Rome wasn’t built in a day, right ?

Joli24Mai-15-12I’m happy with his tries, anyway

Joli24Mai-15-15“golden boy”

Joli24Mai-15-14and sweaty !

Joli24Mai-15-13Don’t tell as it’s a secret, but one’s horse’s back is one of the best place to be 😉


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