Officially a reiner !

Reining19Juin15-06A good while ago, I decided to treat myself to a reining “crash course” for my Bday

Reining19Juin15-03I researched various place offering that commodity and ended up riding in a nice facility about 1.5 hour away from home

Reining19Juin15-01I got to ride three different horses, each lighter and more responsive than the previous one. Texas, a wide chested and placid palomino Quarter Horse, Spirit, a leaner and more sensitive bay QH, and finally Twister Crown a BIG and wonderfully light Paint Horse, that is featured on all the pictures in this blog

Reining19Juin15-02Under the guidance of a nice young lady trainer, I was able to get a taste of all the reining maneuvers, save one, the flying lead change, that I plain and simple forgot to ask to perform… But spin, stop, circle and roll-back, we did

Reining19Juin15-09A lady had ridden Twister during my own session on Spirit, and he had looked like a larger and heavier horse that might not be too much fun to be on. Nothing was farther from the truth ! I ended up totally taken by surprise by his lightness, responsiveness, generosity and preserved personality. The two previous horses had seemed a bit on the numb side, but he didn’t hesitate express his disagreement by kicking out a back leg whenever one of my cues was off. In this regard, he was the actual teacher of the day 😉

Reining19Juin15-04Here we are, focused and straight, running down our way to a moderate sliding stop

Reining19Juin15-05One of our first attempts


Reining19Juin15-08I was without my photographer, but I had brought my NEX6 and 18-55 along, and the instructor was kind enough to snap a few frames for me, which she did pretty well with !

Reining19Juin15-16The rundown….

Reining19Juin15-15The stop. I liked the way Twister stayed soft in the hands and extended his neck in the stop

Reining19Juin15-11Next to the sliding stop, the most impressive maneuver in reining is the spin

Reining19Juin15-12This is the one thing that is so hard for Joli to learn and perform, though he’s done great progress lately


Reining19Juin15-10It was fun to actually get to feel done as it should be, with good speed and energy. The horse actually pivots its front end around its back end at a high speed trot. A blast !

Reining19Juin15-14You can see the front end here is very similar to Joli’s in the higher above picture, except Twister’s back feet stay close, while Joli’s are spread out, which is incorrect (but not uncommon, as he’s still learning)

Reining19Juin15-13Here Twister’s mouth is opening slightly, telling me he’s not entirely comfortable with my handling of the reins. I tried to be as light handed as possible the whole way through, but it’s a steep learning curve !

Reining19Juin15-18Overall a very nice experience, that also taught me I did better with my own horse as I initially thought, and we are on the right track

Reining19Juin15-17And a newly found appreciation for those Paint Horses 😉


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