Nikon D90 and Sony NEX6 shoot Western horses at work

Western30Juin15-05Yesterday I just took a day off to join a private mini clinic given by one of most respected French reining trainers

Western30Juin15-09Cast of characters : 7 yr old French Trotter

Western30Juin15-1512 yr old prize winning Quarter Horse mare

Western30Juin15-13 Adult C size jumping pony

Western30Juin15-14Olivier on his mare, getting advice from Sigfried, the coach

Western30Juin15-01Céline schooling her horse

Western30Juin15-04Sometimes roles were reversed and the instructed became instructor

Western30Juin15-03Seing a professional reining trainer jumping poles is pretty unusual

Western30Juin15-10but the day was all about fun and education

Western30Juin15-11so there was some emulating cow chasing, as well

Western30Juin15-02and some more serious work

Western30Juin15-16Including some pretty important technical stuff like sidepassing

Western30Juin15-07Photography wise, I had brought both the Nikon D90 with old Nikkor 75-240 4-5.6 zoom attached, and the Sony NEX6 with 18-55/3.5-5.6 kit lens

Western30Juin15-18I don’t think you can tell which is which. In all honesty, I can’t

Western30Juin15-08That being said in those contrasty lighting conditions, one is significantly easier to shoot than the other

Western30Juin15-20The full time lie exposure preview of the Sony makes adjusments absurdly easy, while properly metering with the Nikon was a constant hit and miss

Western30Juin15-12All shots are from jpeg files on both cameras, processed similarly in Photoshop CS3 (yeah, that old version !) then Snapseed for a little more punch. The Sony’s more recent sensor does have better high ISO output

Western30Juin15-17The autofocus performance on the NEX6 was decent, quite behind that of the D90, but usable. Of course a faster lens with the LA-EA2 adapter would have closed the gap and rendered them about equal, but I don’t own either anymore

Western30Juin15-06Everybody had fun, everybody worked (me included, I was lucky enough to try both horses, but didn’t get to try the jumping pony)

Western30Juin15-19And I’m very happy how the shots turned out, for images coming from two such obsoletes cameras and lowly optics, I think they ain’t too shabby 😉


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