Claiming ownership, and spending a day in the new house yesterday

Champfleury25Jul15-06What do you do in your new house when the furniture isn’t moved in yet ?

Champfleury25Jul15-16You roam aimlessly from room to room and try to catch the volumes and light on camera

Champfleury25Jul15-13You peek out of all windows

Champfleury25Jul15-02Or you head outside and start exploring the “backyard”

Champfleury25Jul15-04Which in this case means going into mysterious and cool woods

Champfleury25Jul15-03Yesterday we got up early and hit the road to go claim official ownership of our new home. We left our current house under a pouring rain, but as we got nearer the new one, clouds broke up and soon we were under a gorgeous and sunny sky

Champfleury25Jul15-18That’s the place

Champfleury25Jul15-10I had brought the NEX6 camera and its 18-55 zoom, and played with it around the house, trying to capture the looks and atmosphere of the place, before the movers bring the furniture on Tuesday

Champfleury25Jul15-07Without a wide angle lens, real estate is really tough

Champfleury25Jul15-05The other end of the living room (same as previous pic, different perspective)

Champfleury25Jul15-01Marla and I also had a grand time playing in the yard, and making a lot of pics. The NEX6 behaved in a pretty hectic way all day, I think it’s sick, and told Marla she could have it once I gather the funds to get a new camera system


She was pretty happy with that !

Champfleury25Jul15-12Stair details

Champfleury25Jul15-11The house is a photog’s dream, as every single room has two light entries in the way of opposite side openings (door, windows…). It’s literally bahted in light !

Champfleury25Jul15-15Marla getting a feel of the place, in an attempt to pick her future bedroom

Champfleury25Jul15-14Waving to her dad down in the yard

Champfleury25Jul15-09The “pool room” (because who needs a dining room, really ?)

Champfleury25Jul15-20A very tired little photographer

Joli25Jul15-01On the way back we stopped to check on Joli, who was happily grazing in a field with his buddies, half asleep. That’s certainly the end of the holidays for him, I’ll be back in the saddle next week 😉


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2 Responses to Claiming ownership, and spending a day in the new house yesterday

  1. Flash says:

    Congrats Claire for your new home! Hope it becomes a very special place where all your dreams grow.

  2. James (Aus.) says:

    Congratulations! What a lovely home and surrounds. May you have so many wonderful days there.

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