New home : two first weeks in review

ChampfleuryJul15-07We’ve been in the new home about two weeks now

ChampfleuryJul15-01At first oug Beagle mix girl, Google, had to be tethered to a tree in front of the house, for fear she’s find a hole in the 1.2km fence and escape

ChampfleuryJul15-02When the truckers moved the furniture in, some stuff needed to be dropped in the shed in the yard. We suggested they took the truck right there on wheels !

ChampfleuryJul15-03See the truck at the very far end of the picture ?

ChampfleuryJul15-04Once they left and all gates were closed, Google could have her first meal in the new kitchen

ChampfleuryJul15-06and Marla could start enjoying her new kingdom

ChampfleuryJul15-09discovering all kinds of treasures

ChampfleuryJul15-10a late night visitor, soon to be chased away by Google. He hasn’t showed up since

ChampfleuryJul15-05a major part of the yard hadn’t been cared for

ChampfleuryJul15-11bats, snails, squirrels, and much more…

ChampfleuryJul15-12Wild and free, girl and dog

ChampfleuryJul15-13the weather is nice, it’s hot !

ChampfleuryAug15-03Then on the second week in, we decided it was time to go rescue a second dog

JuanaAug15-10meet Juana, a 2 yr old ( ?) “Creole” mix, actually a feral dog from Guadeloupe

JuanaAug15-17Juana and Google get along like peas in a pod

ChampfleuryAug15-04A lot of common mouse hunting (numerous casualties, already)

ChampfleuryAug15-08Marla watches over both dogs thoroughly

ChampfleuryAug15-10yet another night visitor

GoogleAug15-02At night in the house


ChampfleuryAug15-11Dreaming of mice ?

GoogleAug15-01Hunt hunt, dig dig

ChampfleuryAug15-12That’s life in the new house so far. And it’s all goooood….


About marla2008

Shutterbug. Shallow DOF nut. Mother of Child. Student of the Horse.
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4 Responses to New home : two first weeks in review

  1. Laurent says:

    Dream house……Good to hear from you again!

    • marla2008 says:

      Hey hey Laurent !!
      Faithful of the faithful, it is so nice to read you, too. The house is nice, indeed, and offers nearly endless photo opportunities. So despite my aging and obsolete current photo gear (wink) you should see much more pictures shortly.

  2. Laurent says:

    nah, you take great pictures, with whatever gear you have in your hands!

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