Purebred mutt ?!?

JuanaAug15-22When adopting Juana we really though she was the missing link of canine evolution

JuanaAug15-18Turns out this type of mutt has evolved nearly to breed status in its native nation, “la Guadeloupe”, and another French overseas state, “la Reunion”. Despite the distance the longtime heaving mixing of breeds has generated the same phyiscal and temperament traits in the respective dog population of both places, to the point of gaining them national recognition. Berger créole in la Guadeloupe, and Royal Bourbon in la Réunion !

JuanaAug15-21As far as I’m concerned she’s still a true mutt, but I have to admit the physical resemblance between members of those groups is troubling

ChampfleuryAug15-14Temperamental traits are faithful to local description : healthy, tough, savvy, very kind and devoid of all agression towards people, while being able to fight other dogs for food

JuanaAug15-23That fits our girl to a T !




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1 Response to Purebred mutt ?!?

  1. Laurent says:

    intriguing breed for sure!

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