Real world photography

ChasseTresor15-16Camera gear discussion vs. taking actual, real life photographs

If you’re interested in photography, even midly, enough to have checked the subject online, you’re probably aware of the very heated discussion it can cause on various discussion boards. Enthusiasts, newbies, hobbyists and pros alike can go at each other -sometimes viciously- for days (or weeks) about some truly insignificant technical detail that would hardly affact real life practice of the craft. Usually, the more vehement they are about gear oriented matters, of the supremacy of brand X over brand Y, the less they actually do take -or share- photographs

GoogleAug15-04I’ve always wanted this blog to be the opposite of that. Yes, I’ve been known to agonize about the behavior of such or such sensor, or camera, but it always came from a direct impact on my actual USE of the gear. And I’ve *always* taken, processed, and shared a shitload of REAL LIFE PICTURES to illustrate my point (or just because I love photos, period)

ChampfleuryAug15-14My husband and daugther pondering which branch to hang the new giant swing from

ChampfleuryAug15-15Installation in process…

So again, I’ll beat a dead horse to death and say it again : no matter what technology, brand or model you use, no matter what budget you have, or the frequency at which you switch gear, it’s all fine as long as : 1) you don’t do anything financially critical enough to put you, your spouse, or family in a rough spot (don’t laugh, it’s been known to happen…) and 2) actually enjoy and USE your gear to take REAL photos (by that I mean NOT color charts and brick walls or even model cars and flowers, except if those are your genuine, absolute passion in life…)

ChasseTresor15-09Our daughter recently took part in a cute local “treasure hunt”. Here’s some of the bounty involved

ChasseTresor15-13Marla as a participant

ChasseTresor15-15The host and all competitors, after the hunt

GoogleAug15-03Google the (part) Beagle

ChampfleuryAug15-17The completed giant swing, in action

ChampfleuryAug15-22My pretty sister-in-law enjoying the yard

GoogleAug15-05Google back on the tether, as she escaped one too many times…

ChampfleuryAug15-21and the joy of a warm afternoon spent under shady oaks

ChampfleuryAug15-19Or curled in front of the TV

ChampfleuryAug15-18Late afternoon sun on some of our prettiest trees.

So whatever gear you have, whatever grief you may have with it, or lust for something newer and better, still shoot the current stuff, you might be happily surprised 😉



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4 Responses to Real world photography

  1. Laurent says:

    Really like the pic of your hubby under the trees (is the vignetting natural? looks like it) and the one from Marla on her TV sit.

    Specially great for me to read this post this week, as I suddenly feel a need for a new lens…..thxs

  2. marla2008 says:

    Ah Laurent, I’ve always been a tempting evil spirit in your photographic life 😉
    The lens with the vignetting is my beloved Navitar 75/1.3, a C mount TV lens one can pry from my cold, dead fingers…

  3. Gavin says:

    A lovely collection of photos, makes me (almost) wish I was French living in rural France! I’m currently agonising over switching from A mount to E mount, its going to be expensive!

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