How did I get there ? (Nov 27/15)

OfficielSalonI guess ‘this the time to brag a bit. But bragging isn’t really the thing I do best. So on Thanksgiving I think I’d rather do just that, give thanks. I have a bunch of people to thank, in fact. My husband, for one, who has been bearing my photo/gear obsession for years now. My daughter, who has fired up an already existing passion, and served as a endlessly patient model, ever since she was a baby. My sister, who lent me her expensive film SLR back in the 80’s, when digital didn’t even exist yet. An ex boyfriend, proficient photographer himself, who gave me my very first understanding of the exposure triangle. The countless anonymous shutterbugs who have shared, exhanged, or even fought with me on various photo oriented discussion boards across the world, for years. And more recently, my husband (yes, again) who has encouraged me to dive in, and sponsored the purchase of my workhorse Nikon, my long time friend Michel, and my newly found advisor and mentor Greg, who gave me the opportunity be part of his team for the most proeminent French horse event of the year, the ever prestigious Salon du Cheval de Paris. And last but not least, my mom, who always believed in my vision, encouraged me without limit, and went on a limb to give me a loan. And I wouldn’t want to close without thanking the readers of this blog, who have been wonderfully faithful, encouraging, and supporting. Your presence has made a difference. Happy holiday, and happy Thanksgiving to all of you !

About marla2008

Shutterbug. Shallow DOF nut. Mother of Child. Student of the Horse.
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2 Responses to How did I get there ? (Nov 27/15)

  1. Dave Uhlig says:

    Happy Thanksgiving to you guys! I hope your new adventure works out for you. If you need any help or have some questions from an American photographer, I would be happy to help!

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