Quiet before the storm (Nov 30/15)

SdP2015-03PMI shot this girl and her horse backstage at the Paris Horse Show, as they were waiting to perform. Despite the busy and somewhat stressful environment, the horse seems condident that “his human” would watch over him and keep him safe. The amusing thing about this image is how bland the original was. And for the record, here it is :

DSC_2677PMThe number 1 frustrating thing photographing professionally at this type of show, is that has the press and media department needs the shots immediately (a selection of pictures is brought to them twice a day), processing is not possible and a potentially good picture may go unnoticed. This portrait has (nof course) not been selected as original file. I’m confident it would stand way better chances to end up in a catalog on on a website once processed to the version posted way up. Feel free to comment on that matter if you love processing, as I do…

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4 Responses to Quiet before the storm (Nov 30/15)

  1. Nothing to add really, but I agree that the cropping makes this ordinary photo into something extraordinary – and it’s just not possible to always get the framing you want when under pressure.

    • marla2008 says:

      The steps between original and finished shot were a bit more than just cropping, but I agree that it’s not always obvious to frame right in the heat of the day, reason why it’s so useful to be able to have another go at them later.

  2. laurent says:

    The plus side is, you are used to produce great pictures directly from Jpeg. Was it hard to find good set ups for your new camera?

    • marla2008 says:

      To be honest Laurent I’m still working on it. I shot in a VERY backlit situation a few days ago, and left ADL (the shadow lifting feature of Nikon, called DRO with Sony) on Auto, which resulted in really altered pictures for the huge horse event I shot on Saturday. I normally use this feature set to Low. I’ll know better and will check all my major settings next time around 😉 Other than that I’ve been shooting Nikon for quite some years, so I’m rather at home with the D750, even if each model has its personality…

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