A quick and dirty D750 opinion

D750-01Why an opinion, as opposed to a review, of impressions, as often read on the net ? Because my post will be way too succinct to be a real review, and because shooting this body for paid work, I now have a real *opinion* that goes beyond impressions.

DSC_2822bHaptics and handling on the camera are excellent, at least for a woman with smaller hands. I had a male friend holding it, and severely lacking finger estate at the bottom of the camera, so for guys I would expect a grip might be needed. Santa Claus is bringing me one, too.

SdPWestern-01PMOperation is typical Nikon. Very snappy (button touch means instant response from all buttons and knobs), and basically straightforward and no nonsense. Nikon users will feel right at home. I shoot Large size jpeg files, with Quality priority enabled (meaning the files will very in size, to accommodate optimum quality in each shot). Most of the time image review is nearly instant, but the camera may also take up to 2 seconds to display the just taken picture. This will also happen when shooting a burst (obviously, buffer related).

SdPVaulting-03PMThe above picture will say a lot about the D750’s performance in real life, challenging situations. ISO720, 1/200 F:3.2. The auto white balance performance is astonishingly good, and let me tell you that is one thorn removed from a pro photog’s side !!

SdPGruss-01PMISO1250, no harm here

The burst mode can be configured anywhere between 2 and 6.5frames per second, and comes in very handy for some action shots. The large rear screen is beautiful, and oh yes, tiltable, and nice feature that is rendered a little moot by the leasurely AF pace in Live View mode. Can still be useful in some desperate situations where you’d need to hold the camera above a crowd and not shoot blind…

SdPAttelage-03PMI think the images speak for themselves. I have deliverately chosen to use the pictures taken at my current -and so fast most important- assignment, the 2015 Paris Horse Show. That’s one hell of an event, the venue is grand and the variety of things to see -and buy- superb, so documenting it is quite an exciting challenge. So far the D750 has been totally up to the task, and whatever small glitches I have run into were merely me learning the ropes !

SdP2015-01PMSo as a very brief conclusion I will say that the D750 will hardly ever limit you, at least if you’re an equine photographer. It might be less suited for other applications, but for what I do it works just peach. Stay tune for more report from the Paris Horse Show next week-end !



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