The struggle of the older sensor (Dec 07/15)

SdP05Dec15-54PMD90 indoor… not a pretty sight

My first time around in a high class assingment, I realized that a two body set-up was a must. Having to lug my bag around all day, swapping lenses in less than ideal conditions, was a trial I didn’t to go through again. My “boss” on the show was merrily carrying two gripped bodies, each attached to its dedicated zoom lens, and using either according to his needs. So I decided to just go ahead and bring the old D90 along with the spanking new D750, for the second leg of my contract at the Paris Horse Show…

DudeRanch25Oct15-60PMThere’s really NO need to look down on the D90. At release, and for a couple of years after that, it was a groundbreaking camera that set the standard for APS-C sensor excellence, as well as mid-range performance. It was, and in good light, still is, a superb camera

SdP05Dec15-55PMBut it’s also 8 year old tech, and that, in digital age, is forever. Sensor technology has made such progress in that time it’s almost ludicrous to look at indoor, high ISO shots from the old gentleman. I used it for this shot as I had little time to get prepared for it, and had my wide angle lens mounted and available. The light was plentiful in that super well equipped venue and yet the result is… Well… That, along with the unability to purchase a second D750 at this time, prompted the purchase of a D7200. I guess you’d better stay tuned for a review of this new guy !


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